Yoga Wall Backbending Demo with Kino

Yoga Wall Backbending Demo with Kino

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If you’re looking for yoga videos that will show you the perfect way for you to start your yoga journey then Kino MacGregor’s yoga channel is perfect for you! Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced yoga student you will find a full yoga library with all the yoga postures that you need to develop a complete yoga practice. Yoga is more than just a physical practice yoga is a lifestyle that includes living a peaceful life. Living the yoga lifestyle is about yoga practice, inner peace, yoga diet and being a good person on and off your yoga mat. Kino is a yoga teacher, author of three books, international teacher, writer, blogger, online yoga class teacher, IG yoga challenge host and much more. She co-founded Miami Life Center and Miami Yoga Magazine as well as produced six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs. Practice yoga, change your world one breath at a time. Kino believes that yoga is a vehicle for each student to experience the limitless potential of the human spirit. You don’t have to be strong or flexible to begin the yoga practice, all you need is an open heart and the inspiration to practice yoga. Unroll your mat and do the practice!

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  1. I can do a back bend and it doesn't hurt but does anybody else think it looks painful?? ??

  2. kino is first rate. still will caution everyone that wants to go into this go easy gently soft you will hurt yourself. and for the record yoga people only talk about the positive but there are a lot of limitations here based upon skeletal structure you may never do what she does and that should never be your goal enjoy Where You Are don't compare yourself you are not them and they are definitely not you remember it takes years if not decades to get where you think you want to be I want to talk about about this because it's rarely mentioned anywhere on the net that's coming from yoga instructors perspective remember if you want this fast forget it go pick up something else because yoga is a slow medicine. I keep a revered distance from your guru ie Bikram, and above all keep principal about personality

  3. Thank you for your videos Kino, I've been practicing for 2 months now and I followed the beginner yoga challenge. Your explanations are clear and I've noticed improvement since the beginning of this journey!
    Every time I practice the wall backbending, I can't stay in this position because I can't feel my legs after just a few seconds in this position. Is it normal? What do you recommend?

    Thank you from France!

  4. THANK you Kino . you are great because you are contributing very much for the art of yoga. I have learned from you more than my yoga teacher.your instructions are clear and they are explained methodically, clearlly and practically. Your smile is inspiring my yoga spirit and mind.I dream to meet you.

    S. AZIZ

  5. You have a very beautiful home.

  6. Simbee Soh says:

    Great video! but I feel numbness in my left arm when straightening my hands.

  7. Yiu Moey says:

    hello just one question.should I bend my knees before I touch the ground.I'm working on this THX

  8. I am in my beginner stage of incorporating yoga into physical fitness wellness plan, but I don't think I would be at that level in this life time. Lol! I found out the great benefits of yoga, and with me approaching middle age I am looking forward into this challenge and benefit yoga brings.

  9. do you follow vegetarian diet ? Can you please make video about your diet and may be your beauty procedures? Any way thank you for your channel and videos, you are inspiring!!!

  10. Your arms are huge! I miss the "living the yogi's life" videos. Great channel.

  11. "yo gat" some hotness girl 🙂

  12. are there any "flexibility foods" or supplements i can eat?

  13. are there any "flexibility foods" or supplements i can eat?

  14. Dang girl! your flexibility is nothing short of amazing! great work n very inspiring ?

  15. Inhuman flexibility, endurance, control, and beauty 😉

  16. yoga girl says:

    I actually used a wall to learn how to drop back. Also, your house looks lovely. Thank you Kino♥

  17. Tony Danza says:

    You're going to break your back doing that shit. Then whose gonna fuck you???………………me 😉

  18. omg wow i love when you do your tight backbends.and lke when your ribs show as well when can i see you do an nauli tutorial video.please reply back!

  19. Terrific vertebral flexibility. Have you always had a flexible spine?

  20. WOW !amazing, you really are, breaking boundaries, defying limitations…you are an awesome inspiration… pretty awesome ?

  21. Leon Dumon says:

    Amazing Kino ! Thanks perfect exercices XXX . Leon Belgium .

  22. Aniela says:

    Hello kino! That's incredible! May I ask issit possible to have a half an hour yoga flow in order to be able to do backbend kick over? I have this constant fear i might break myself haha

  23. This was very helpful !! Thank u! I needed exercises to practice like this.

  24. I had to try this immediately. An automatic smile came on my face because everything in my neck and upper back opened up…..just from putting my hands on the wall ?

  25. nuddyball says:


  26. I love u Kino! U is the best at what u do Hall Of Fame

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