Yoga for Beginners, Seated Poses with Andrew Wrenn

Yoga for Beginners, Seated Poses with Andrew Wrenn

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A beginners guide to seated postures by Andrew Wrenn. We do some forward bends and a few gentle twists and a backbend. Keep the focus on the breath For a free yoga for beginners program, please go to

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Dr. Mary Lee Vance
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  1. winter9020 says:

    Wonderful, and such a calming voice too. Thank you.

  2. You're by far, my favorite instructor on YouTube. I'm just starting out and these are the most relaxing and freeing experiences for me personally so far! Thank you.

  3. MzGypzy78 says:

    Thank you for these videos. For someone just starting out in yoga, they have helped me greatly.

  4. Siu Maria says:

    Thanks for sharing. You are so sweet.

  5. We don't harm any beings, in Tao each day we have harmed less and caused more joy..

  6. my favourite teacher 😀

  7. that was so brilliant, I enjoyed it very much…and your voice is very soothing as well, thank you a lot!!

  8. Lovely. Why the inhale when raising the hips and exhale lowering pls. Haven't come across this breath pattern b4, usually the opposite.

  9. This is excellent, Andrew. I've followed some of your more advanced tutorials (though I'm not as accomplished as you are yet!) but this one is beautifully expressed for beginners and will help me to teach beginners in my own class. You pitch it just right with your patient and generous approach. Thank you.

  10. DirtyAssa says:

    Super Andrew! I wanna so much get my body fell the pleasure like this but the nasty welfare state here is so strongly against the human welfare things so hard here! They cheat and lie and teach force people grow up for burnout each others! I'm only a guitar player looking for band mates and all the great people join to make great happiness for peace! All the best for everybody! Assa!

  11. pieridae says:

    I was enjoying the yoga, but then the video seemed to just cut out. – ???

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