Wheelchair Yoga - Gentle Chair Yoga Routine - Yoga With Adriene

Wheelchair Yoga – Gentle Chair Yoga Routine – Yoga With Adriene

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This yoga practice is designed for those seated in a wheelchair or chair. A wonderful and refreshing practice to align the mind and body. Embrace your current mood and limitations, trust yourself and connect with your breath. Enjoy this time for yourself! You deserve it.


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  1. Thank you for this! I fractured my fibula and it was so great to move with this video in the first few weeks of recovery. Just putting this out there it would be great if you could do a non weight bearing video too!

  2. Penny Lane says:

    It's really cool that you thought to do a yoga video for people in wheelchairs. Yet another reason you're my favorite yogi!

  3. I could cry. My mother is disabled and this will facilitate us to finally able to practice yoga together. Bless you, Adriene.

  4. As a recovering stroke patient this is really a helpful video. Just proof that doctors don't know everything. I wasn't supposed to move or talk again. I'm moving and talking. It's not as good as it was but I'm getting there.

  5. Emily Ley says:

    I just had foot surgery on Friday and am ready to rock some yoga again but nothing with lunges or planks for about a month. I was sooooo happy to find an ADRIENE video in a search for seated yoga. Thank you!!!!

  6. Pippa Bell says:

    Thank you for this practice Adriene. I have just fractured my ankle skiing, it could be a lot worse and I'm feeling very cheery but I'm gutted about missing my yoga. So this practice will be good, and if you had an opportunity to show yoga for the core and legs whilst wearing a cast that would be awesome! I have been going to a regular class for 6 years and a friend introduced me to you a year ago. Now my (almost) daily practice with you has revolutionised my yoga. I followed Yoga Revolution in Jan and then discovered that my 20 year old goddaughter and also my rugby playing 21 year old son at University were also following it! I recommend you to everyone I meet, including my rheumatoid consultant! I feel you are a friend. So THANK YOU for everything and keep up the good work. Namaste

  7. Jen White says:

    Thank you for doing this, and also for respecting that many people who use wheelchairs aren't just sitting down, but can't use their legs. This is very helpful, thank you

  8. How have I missed this video from October? Last year I emailed Adriene to ask if she would consider posting a video to her You Tube channel for wheelchair yoga. I love the videos Adriene posts and have adapted a number of movements to suit my needs but thought I'd be cheeky and make a request for a routine you could do in a wheelchair. No idea if this video is in response to my email but regardless THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this amazing video and apologies this thanks comes so long after you shared the video. It's absolutely perfect and 11 minutes of yoga magnificence.

  9. Thank you !! I am not in a wheelchair but I dislocated my knee and refused to let go of my daily yoga practice ! I'll build around this video for the next days ! Xxx

  10. I usually follow the regular yoga practice content on your channel, but recently I injured mummy knee and haven't been able to practice as I desired. And now I found this video! Thank you for posting content with a big variety!!

  11. I shared this video in my Psychology of Consciousness class as part of my protect to show how you can become more in tune with yourself. My class and I did this together and everyone had a great time and enjoyed this experience. Since I didn't know everyone's background in yoga, I picked this one. Thank you for creating great content! 🙂

  12. Christine says:

    What kind of dog is Benji? He's so cute!!!!

  13. Lise Laro says:

    this was great for me. I just broken my ankel her in Oslo, Norway. Thanks for the yoga

  14. We Frost says:

    Benji's awesome! <3

  15. TheCheai says:

    You are amazing❤️❤️

  16. Thank you for this video Adriene. I broke my toe and your video was perfect for stretching out my body aches and unbalances from hobbling around.

  17. thanks Adrienne for this! I sprained my ankle really bad 2 weeks ago and I miss my yoga! now I can do some while my ankle heals!
    also. I love that you are a dog owner 😉 you can easily see how much you love your pupper Benji. it's awesome!

  18. Hi Adriene! Is this a good practice for me as I recover from strained intercostal muscles? I don't want to put my practice on hold as I recover but I don't know what would be good for me. Thoughts?

  19. I love the blue healer!

  20. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I fractured my foot last week and have to stay off it but now I can still do yoga???

  21. When I thought i couldn't admire you any more… I stumbled upon this video Thanks so much 🙂 I'm not using a wheelchair, but my little brother does sometimes, so this is great! <3

  22. jodiebug1 says:

    All these comments from people who were helped by this video are so heartwarming. I don't use a wheelchair, but I'm glad this exists for those who do (or if I ever do). And what a wonderful reminder for all of us that the shapes are just one set of tools for the physical and mental practice.

  23. Hi Adriene, im working with elderly patients(80-90 years) and lots of them are in a wheelchair or not so mobile anymore. Most of them don't stand up a lot . They often have back pain , leg pains. It would be lovely if they could also benefit from yoga to relieve some of their pain. Could you make some more wheelchair yoga suited for elderly where they can benefit from? Im sure they would love it 🙂

  24. I just saw this upload and you are freaking awesome. I just finished it and I am emotional. it feels great and was exactly what I needed, inside and out. Thank you so much ?

  25. I have a full day of sitting, doing research, reading and this was so great in getting my upper body relaxed! Thank you so much, Adriene.

  26. Adriene my dear, do you mind if I put this on my website? I love you so much! Namaste.


  27. Thank you SO much Adrienne!! This means so much to me! I love what you do for all of us!! You are amazing. Super glad I found you!!

  28. How awesome for making adaptations! I work with students with special needs, this would be great for them!

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