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A Big Weight Loss Industry Lie

“It’s Safer To Lose 1-2 Pounds Per Week”, An Excuse Made By Sh**ty Weight Loss Program

The Lie You have Been Told For Entire Life Is About To Be Revealed



May 18, 2017

By Louis Muraoka, M.D.
Louis Muraoka, a registered dietitian, author, lecturer, and diabetes educator, specializes in diabetes nutrition. He has advised the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association on nutrition recommendations.

If you are trying to get rid of the spare tire, slowing down the aging process and regain vitality without exercise or changing your diet, then you came to the right place.

Dr. Muraoka here, I gonna share with you how my stupid faith made my weight management clinic flooded with patients and then sadly, make me suspended.

There are thousands of weight loss products out there. They keep telling people “It is Safer To Lose 1-2 Pounds Per Week.”, I helped 1,008 people total lost 39,312 pounds, and 31.7% of these people’s BMI is below 25. I can tell you if you only lose 1-2 pounds a week, you will never achieve your weight loss goal. Today, I will show you the proven way to lose 13-28 pounds a week with real life proof.


Lose Weight The Natural Way? Yes, You Can! Or Can You?

vimulti am reviewHow I changed from natural therapy supporter to weight loss supplement supporter. I used to refuse to give my patient any weight loss supplements cause I always believe people can conquer their mind, but last year my clinic install the new big data technology which concluded my 13 years diagnostic record my natural therapy.

I give myself an “F”, only 252 out of 936 patient’ BMI below 25. In other words, the success rate of my natural weight loss therapy is 27%, and I am the best weight management specialist doctor in Oakland.

Since then the “F” is hanging on my face, that night while I got home my wife aware of something is wrong with me. After I had told her what happened in the clinic, she said: “You cannot ask a 3 years old kid to ride a bike without the auxiliary wheels, people unable to conquer their mind because they feel frustrating, especially after the first fail”. She enlights me, and I start to adjust my treatment to make sure there’s no the first fail.



A Boring Clinical Testing Supervision Turn Into A Scientific Proven Belly Fat Atomic Bomb

vimulti pm reviewAt April 2016 I got invited to NIH (National Institute of Health) for a new test, they published a study in the patient taking 50mg of DHEA. I was shocked by the result of taking DHEA. NIH test demonstrates DHEA helped people lose 76.4% more weight than placebo, and the beauty is almost all the weight that was lost in the visceral area (belly fat)[1]. This test shows 2 things,

  1. Mind power can really help you lose weight, even placebo.
  2. DHEA: Slice Your Big Belly Like Butter

I am so pumped about the test result, I decided to build my therapy around DHEA.



Put the Japanese Natural Skinny Gene into Your Body

vimulti amazon reviewA fun fact, American spent 127.5% more time on performing sport than Japanese but, American adults have the highest obesity rate around the world, and Japanese have lowest obesity rate around the world. However, Why? DNA? Or… The Food?

As a Japanese, we drink much tea, especially green tea. Research from HIN shows green tea not only burns body fat but also able to cure type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular (CV) disease. In their test, after drinking 12 weeks of green tea, the green tea group have lost at least 7.35 pounds more than the control group[2]. Green tea is great for weight loss, fat loss and health but, it also have side effects like dehydration and insomnia.

There is a solution call EGCg, the core element of green tea. EGCg keeps all the good of green tea with no side effects, EGCg is the 2nd treatment of my new therapy.



2 Super Powerful Weapon To Fool Your Brin and Eliminate Your Fat Hormones

vimulti weight loss amazon reviewWith DHEA and EGCg, I got 2 treatment to melt body fat, to achieve the fast weight loss goal I still need treatments to prevent body fat forming.

That led me to Guarana and L-Arginine, In most diet or weight loss program after week 3 your brain would start to resist your body changes, your brain starts to command your body to store more fat to make up what you have lost, at this stage, you have to fight your brain. Do more exercise and eat less, most people lose their fight against their brain.

Guarana is the magic weapon to win the brain-body game. Guarana can stimulate central nervous system, increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation[3], in other words, Guarana cut the lines between brain and body and rewrite the store-fat command to melt-fat command.

L-Arginine, a.k.a. brown fat generator. You can picture brown fat as a zombie virus, and brown fat will assimilate every white fat it met. Our body produces brown fat to keep us warm, to keep us warm brown fat need to turn calories into heat, that means if you have a large number of brown fat you can eat everything you want without gaining weight[4]. So L-Arginine is helping you to generate more brown fat.

Besides DHEA, EGCg, Guarana and L-Arginine, the 4 elements I added Vitamin C, which has the power to improve the way that skin shows the evidence of aging while balancing out the complexion. With these 5 elements, my new therapy is done next thing I need to complete is finding the right supplier.



After Visit 16 Big Pharma I Found Nothing That Meets Basic Weight Loss Requirements: Fast And Safe

I visit 16 big pharma companies that produce weight loss supplement, from GNC to gsk. I was trying to find a weight loss supplement that won’t affect people’s health. Surprisingly I found nothing, most supplements contain phenolphthalein and sibutramine, which dramatically increased the risk of getting cardiovascular and definite or not have enough dose of DHEA, EGCg, Guarana and L-Arginine.

At an academic symposium host in Berkeley, I met Rafael Olartecoechea, CEO of BioPharm. At first, I was planning to refuse his invitation to his company, but I cannot refuse his kindness. BioPharm is not a big corp like GNC I do not expect BioPharm can produce the supplements that I need but after the visit, I realized they do dive in weight loss supplements, so I decide to give it a try.

Till March 2017, my clinic big data system concluded my new therapy result.

  • 68 out of 72 patient’s BMI below 25
  • 63 out of 72 patient have lost more than 18 pounds per week
  • 72 of 72 patients felt more energetic than before
  • 67 of 72 patients have noticed their skin and hair condition have improved
  • 18 of 72 patients sleep better
  • 12 of 72 patients said they have fewer wrinkles than before
  • 0 of 72 patients have experienced side effects

I was shocked too! I wasn’t mean to develop anti-aging or energy boost therapy but a weight loss therapy, almost all my patients who over 40 feel younger again, some even said they have fewer wrinkles than before. A patient of main call my new therapy “Fountain of youth in a bottle“. I know 72 doesn’t seem a big number, there’s a sad reason to it.

I got suspended, a few green eyed colleagues making rumors and conspire with big pharma to press my clinic to suspend me. The big pharma is trying every way to let the doctor prescribe prescription drugs with their products. I want my patients to have the best and safe supplements, so I choose small company- BioPharm’s product over that big pharma, and I got suspended.

I spend my April in Tokyo, and a few relatives suggest me a Japanese way to fight back, the Kamikaze Special Attack Force way. But, I prefer the American way, making friends with enemy’s enemy. If everyone can see through the tricks of big pharma, no one would be fooled by it again. The diet industry and big pharma would still rather keep you spending big bucks on their latest product rollouts. And believe it or not.

Some people are so stuck in their ways that they would prefer to pay big bucks for bottles fo bottles invalid product which almost equal to placebo rather than single effective bottle…

The supplement I gave to my patients is made by BioPharm, they put everything I need into one bottle. This one bottle supplement is also proven to rejuvenate your cells from the inside out, and it is FDA approved drugs. So you enjoy a more energy and youthful appearance while you brush away pains, aches and health problem you used to accept as “normal”…And the bottle called “Vimulti“.

Vimulti is the first over the counter all natural multi supplement in a new class of nutraceuticals designed to eliminate visceral fat (belly fat) quickly, safely and forever while boosting energy to get maximum calorie burning during any exercise even casual strolling.


Simply Put, What Most Diets Or Weight Loss Pills Accomplish In 2-3 Months, Vimulti Does In Just 21 Days, Including:

  • 13-28 pound reduction in body fat
  • 2-4 inches from your waistline
  • 2-3 size drop in dress size
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Decreased cellulite
  • Faster metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • Healthier hair & skin
  • Improved cholesterol levels

vimulti review

The numbers above is also concluded by my clinic big data technology. Actually, before I give my patient this therapy Vimulti is already in the market, science is science, science will not vary from person to person. So what my patients accomplished you can find the similar result on Amazon,

You can buy yourself the 5 bottles of supplements I mention above, If we ignore the cheapest products’ quality, for the 6 months dose,

The cheapest replacements are total $310.61, it’s kinda fair if you ignore the quality.

The normal price of 6-month dose of Vimulti is $499.99, but I got a 71% off limited time deal for you which only cost you $199.99(only 2 left in stock, order soon), Vimulti is not just a great deal but also a weight loss supplement been prove hundreds of customers.

Go ahead and read through the customer reviews, and really put it to the test. You will be truly amazed at the results you can actually see in just a matter of days.

2017/05/25 Update: Seems someone had tipped this article off to those big pharma, now my clinic is asking me to delete this article. I’ll try my best to keep this article online, don’t miss your life-changing chance and take the 71% off deal NOW.

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