Tracy Reifkind The Swing, The Workouts #1 & #2

Tracy Reifkind The Swing, The Workouts #1 & #2

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Workouts #1 and #2 from the book “The Swing, Lose the Fat and Get Fit”

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While getting healthy and in tip-top shape are excellent end goals, realize they will be challenging to achieve! If you do not have motivation, or do not know about working out and losing weight, you might not follow through with it. Review the ideas in this article to find out how to make exercise enjoyable and something you look forward to doing.

Play some tunes while you exercise. Music is ideal for adding enthusiasm to a workout, particularly if it is of upbeat tempo. This is because the body’s natural reaction is to move when hearing music that it likes. When you work out to your favorite tunes, it can feel more like a night on the dance floor than exercise. Your focus is on the rhythm and beat of the music rather than on your tired muscles, which helps you to keep moving for a longer period of time.

Exercise by itself it often boring, so you need to spice it up a bit! You could try to make your workout a time to be with people. Recruit a buddy or several to accompany you on lunchtime strolls or trips to the workout facility. Friends make workouts move more quickly by giving your company and good conversation. An exercise session with a friend just might be so much fun, that you want it to last even longer than it does!

Exercise videos are a great way to change up a boring exercise routine. Collect several different versions to have in your library, enabling you to change things up when necessary. You will find that you have exercised a lot longer than you realized because you really got into the music, the instructions and the fun of the workout video.

Purchase some great exercise clothes to help motivate you to exercise! Choose clothes that you know you will feel good about wearing. There are many different kinds of workout clothes to choose from. They can make your body look great, and be a total blast to wear. Express your inner creativity! Try something that will make your workouts more exciting! If you feel good in what you are wearing, and if you have an assortment of outfits, then you will want to show them off at the gym.

Your workout routine should include a lot of variety. This will enable you to engage different muscle groups. Different exercise routines are essential for staving off boredom. Keeping yourself motivated is important. Once you halt your exercise program, or miss a few days of exercise because you’ve become bored with the routine, you will find it difficult to start exercising again. You will have lost your motivated momentum.

Reward yourself for meeting weight loss goals. It is not the case that you need to hold off celebrating until you get to your final objective. Take care when selecting a treat. Make your reward simple and affordable. New clothing, jewelry or even just a dessert you have not eaten in a while are great examples of how to treat yourself. Make sure that the item is a treat for you and easy on your wallet. If you stay motivated, you will lose more weight.

You really can enjoy exercising. It should not be something that you hate to do. Many workout options exist which can make exercise seem like fun. Begin your new workout routine by following the advice in the article below.

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Dr. William W. Tong
Dr. William W. Tong
An authority on food psychology, Wansink is most beneficial known for his work on consumer behavior and for popularizing terms such as "mindless eating" and "health halos." He authored the best-selling book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (Bantam, 2006). Wansink participated in the first two editions of Best Diets.


  1. I've been researching top kettlebell exercises for losing weight and discovered a great resource at Bell train blueprint (check it out on google)

  2. Should these workouts be done every day or every OTHER day?

  3. Thanks. Great workout!

  4. sgarcata says:

    I'm wondering what size to get to start.  I'm 73 yo woman, out of shape, overweight and haven't been exercising.  What weight do you suggest for me to start?

  5. tracy is the best. iver been doing the workouts for a couple of years now and it really is helpful. believe it or not just going back to basics and reviewing from the begining  helps me. AND you cannot beat her enthusiasm for the swing…..

  6. thanks Tracy! I have done this workout with 20kg.

  7. Just bought your book on google play store. Loving it so far, im excited to start the program. I'm a muscular but overweight 33 year old male and i think this program would be perfect for me. Please keep up the great vids.

  8. This is so awesome !! I have the book and I always wanted to follow because I tend to go way to fast.  I will be following this !

  9. lee says:

    I bought the book. Just did #1 workout. Thanks for your inspirational book.

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