Tabata Workout to Tone Everyting in 10 Minutes | Class FitSugar

Tabata Workout to Tone Everyting in 10 Minutes | Class FitSugar

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We love the Tabata protocol for quick, efficient workouts. The simple structure, 20-second intense intervals followed by 10 seconds rest for four minutes, means you can really push yourself. Not only do you build strength, but you burn more calories during and after your workout. Try two rounds of Tabata with Equinox trainer Dana McCaw. Press play for the warmup and workout. And, of course, to sweat.

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The reason most people fail in their attempt to get fit is not because of inadequate workout methods or dieting techniques. Most people are held back by their lack of knowledge and motivation. The main factor in designing and executing a fitness plan is to choose fun activities that will hold your interest over the long term. The advice in this article is designed to help you find the best ways to achieve that goal.

Music can help to keep you motivated. The rhythm of the music will prompt you to move to the beat. Dancing can be addictive, and you may find that you keep on moving for longer than you originally planned. Many people have found dancing to be a fun and exciting form of exercise. It does not require someone to be overly fit and can serve as great cardio.

Friends make working out less painful. You should start a conversation while you are working out – it will keep you from focusing on your body, and the time will speed by. Exercising with a friend raises the fun factor, which means you will enjoy your workout more.

Think about purchasing a workout in the form of a video game. By treating your work out as a game, or utilizing a game that includes fitness elements, you can take your mind off of losing weight put yourself in a less intimidating state of mind. When you are really absorbed into your game, you will not feel as tired. You won’t be focused on the workout and the burn, so your exercise time will last a lot longer than it would have without the game.

When you look and feel great, going to the gym is a more pleasant experience. Buy a few outfits that make you look, and feel, great. Choose clothing that you want to wear, and you don’t feel embarrassed in so you are inspired to work out.

So you don’t get bored, vary your exercise routine. Letting yourself get bored will make it harder to reach your goals. If you make sure to include varied activities, and also experiment with aerobic workouts like yoga or swimming, you can stick to your exercise plan.

Treating yourself to something special when you hit an exercise milestone is a terrific idea and one that helps keep your enthusiasm high. The reward does not have to be anything big. It can just be a small dessert or a new clothing article. Whatever you pick as your reward, pick something that is affordable and that you will enjoy. It is counter-productive to pick a reward you can’t afford or isn’t readily available. Small rewards throughout the weight loss process will keep you motivated and help you to succeed.

It can be lots of fun to exercise. It doesn’t have to be a chore if you don’t want it to be. The following article is filled with creative ideas to help you devise a personal workout plan that is fun and engaging from start to finish.

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Dr. William W. Tong
Dr. William W. Tong
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  1. Toon Link says:

    Keep doing this and I'll get a nice Japanese girlfriend!!!

  2. iv been looking for some exercise that is not so fast pace n love how this gives u just that. going to try this. n where did u buy ur shirts? the 2 on the corners I would really like a shirt that doesn't keep going down on u on ur chest when u workout.

  3. ∂σ үσυ ωαηт тσ ℓσss ωειgнт ιη נυsт 3 ωεεкs тнαη cнεcк συт тнιs : –

  4. Flo says:

    The instructor looks like in amazing shpae

  5. ik begin er mee , eerst 1 min en zo voort ………………..

  6. can you do this if you have a knee that hurts a lot. umm would a knee brace help?

  7. Great short on time workout! Popsugar is the best.

  8. Ysrdio carrizles sr we like it

  9. My first time doing this workout and was very pleased. I worked up a good sweat and the moves weren't impossible to keep up with.

  10. Katy Hood says:

    Phew, just finished our first one of your workouts and loved it! Not so challenging that you get discouraged, but not a walk in the park either. Done with a 6yr old, 4yr old, and a 2yr old who all loved it too. We may not be the most coordinated mob, but we're enthusiastic ? Thanks

  11. how many calories are burnt by doing one cycle?

  12. Wow! This kicked my butt! Just what I needed! I'll be back!

  13. Carla Jo says:

    Maybe Tabata is supposed to be done at q quicker pace, but the pace of this video suits me just fine. I also like that you provide a warm up which a lot of 7 minute workouts don't do. It's always good to warm up before an intense work out.

  14. This was greattttttttt. thank you

  15. A.L. Pink says:

    This workout was perfect for me. New Subbie here!

  16. Great tutorial! However Tabata is supposed to be much higher paced. Although its probraly because she is teaching it now, I imagine she does it way faster when not on the video

  17. Great work out my dear, God bless you all.

  18. nice to get back into a routine

  19. it should be more faster for correct tabata ..some moves are not compateble with tabata I think..

  20. hey anna I want to thank you for being so motivating and supplying great workouts for everyone! ! I have a question, I need some advice on what sneakers are best for cross training and running that give support and shock absorption for hiits. I need a neutral sneaker thats cushioning. I really appreciate your feedback or anyone else who sees this. thanks so much. god bless☺

  21. Great fun 10 min workout!!

  22. If you need a Tabata Timer app for Android for your workouts, you can try mine 😉
    Thanks 🙂

  23. Flairelle says:

    Gonna add this to my routine.

  24. TraceyS says:

    5 times a week for 4 weeks and no results. I think is a great workout but I am not losing any weight at all.

  25. Kim Vassar says:

    I love tabata! This was a great workout. Thanks

  26. My stomach is sore from last nights workout… I'm going to do this one for an hour every night, from the postive comments I hope to see results 😀

  27. I'm tired of being the "smart" one.
    I'm ready to be the "hot" one!
    Remember ladies: men don't like smart women with great personalities, they like hot sexy chicks who LOOK good.
    I've heard these kinds of exercises really do work!

  28. Thats a fabulous workout on 10 min..I love pop sugar coaching…

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