Strength Basics for Inversions & Arm Balances by Dylan Werner Yoga

Strength Basics for Inversions & Arm Balances by Dylan Werner Yoga

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This is just a clip from Dylan Werner’s new yoga plan to learn inversions & arm balances! You can check out the full yoga video series here:

Understanding strength basics is super important for establishing a solid foundation for your handstand and inversion practice.

In this class you’ll learn about straight-arm scapular strength, muscle engagement, core engagement, body alignment and more!

FlyStrong is for anyone who wants to advance their handstand and arm balance practice beyond whatever you thought you were capable of!

Learn about everything from wrist health, understanding body alignment and strength, knowing how to fall, and harnessing your balance and control. You will learn how to use your hands as an effective balance and breaking system by recruiting forearm strength. You will master the basics of strength recruitment, straight arm scapular strength and core stability to make your handstands and arm balances feel lighter in your body.

Dylan started teaching yoga in 2011 after 10 years of advanced movement training. He has since lead teacher trainings and workshops all over the world and is a globally recognized yoga instructor.

You can check out the full handstand, inversions, and arm balances yoga plan by Dylan Werner here:

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  1. What muscles are activated during the plank and Chaturanga?

  2. Nam says:

    What moron gave this a thumbs down??

  3. Thx a lot, great video

  4. THank you for this! My structure has never been sturdy with these

  5. Thank you for the upload. I found this video very informative!

  6. Nilz4FR says:

    I can do all these moves with ease, but my wrists really start hurting after a few minutes…should I stretch more?

  7. very helpful. thanks

  8. Thanks man. Great job. Highly appreciated Keep up the good job.

  9. This is such a great explanation of shoulder strength, and the circular shoulder move is new for me. I teach aerial, this really helps. ??

  10. Loved your video! I have often pulled my shoulder back to go from the floor to chataranga.. Now I know to do the opposite!! And, I didn't know that in a planche, the spine draws away from the body cavity.. I thought it was flat. And finally I love the notation about shifting my weight forward going into chataranga and vice versa. I'm excited to incorporate these new points!! Thank you!

  11. Best video that explains chaturanga for beginners! I had such hard time practicing chaturanga and now I found what really helps!!!

  12. What's the soundtrack in the beginning?

  13. daniel paz says:

    does anyone know what type of mat is dylan using?

  14. The best…thanks

  15. Really good explanation for progression. Thanks.

  16. Asa White says:

    Very helpful explanation! Thanks Dylan!!

  17. This is so helpful! Thank you!

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