STOP: T-Bar Row is NOT the Best Exercise for BACK BUILDING

STOP: T-Bar Row is NOT the Best Exercise for BACK BUILDING

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If you want to build a “Christmas Tree Back” watch this video…

I know this one has been popular for years, but the T-bar row is NOT the best exercise to build your back muscles. In this video I will take Kaster Davis Jr. through some the back exercises that are the MOST effective for building your back muscles.

Thanks and God Bless!
Ron Williams – Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade

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Once cannot overemphasize how important motivation is to achieving your fitness goals. Setting realistic goals that are exciting for you to reach is very important. Be sure the exercise program you choose is fun and rewarding in itself. This will keep you motivated. Exercising should be rewarding be both physically and mentally rewarding. Having fun is just as much of a benefit as moving your body. Give the tips below a chance and you will be able to start on the right foot.

Turn up the music on your iPod when working out. Research has shown that music can distract you from feeling tired from the workout, thus enabling you to continue longer and stronger. When you are deciding on music to work out to, pick songs that will uplift you and make you want to move. Your body will naturally adapt to the rhythm of the song. This is a wonderful way to keep a steady pace throughout your workout. Singing along will help the time pass more quickly.

Ask a few friends to join you when you work out; the more the merrier! Pleasant conversation can make a long work out session fly by. Rather than concentrating on the physical strain, you can focus on enjoying your companions. It’s also a good way to keep up with your friends during a busy period. Exercising with your friends can help make the experience far more fun and exciting.

Workout video games are a new and exciting way to get in shape. The good thing about this method of working out is that you are focusing on the fun aspects of the game, rather than the grueling workout. You will be able to work out longer without feeling so tired if you are not constantly focusing on your body.

Treat yourself to a brand new workout outfit. Make sure you buy clothes that are flattering and that you enjoy wearing. When choosing your workout outfit, add some of your own style and creativity to it. Let your personality shine by choosing workout clothes in the styles and colors you love. If you are happy with what you are wearing, you will have a greater sense of confidence about your exercise regimen.

In order to keep your exercise routine fresh and interesting, you should include new activities periodically. Try out new things, and do not be afraid to experiment. Keep updating your workout routine. That way, it stays original and fun, so you do not lose interest. Do not let yourself lost interest in exercising; if you stop working out, you will have a hard time starting up again.

Spoil yourself with a desired prize when you meet a new milestone. You should reward yourself even for the more trivial goals. You persevered and stuck with the task until the bitter end! Take the family to the movies and have some popcorn with no butter. Buy an outfit to reward yourself for your weight loss. Having frequent, easily obtainable, goals ensures that you are always within grasp of the next reward.

Take the work out of the word “workout” by thinking of it as a fun thing to do. This article’s tips will show you how to make your workouts fun.

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Associate professor of nutrition at the Univ. of Ottawa focuses her research on nutrition for athletes, athletic performance, weight management, the glycemic index, a measure of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels.


  1. You need to do T-Bars on an actual T-Bar machine … either the kind with the chest support or the more "free standing" version where it's kind of like the landmine t-bar variation, except you're standing on a platform. Landmine T-Bar rows suck because you can't get the full range of motion at the bottom (the plates hit the floor before you can really get that stretch in).

  2. Good info. I've been doing one arm rows for years….

  3. fumbles 12 says:

    Just do all dem exercises.. Problem solved

  4. Ron T bars are important they give the thickness this exercise ur showing looks more isolating then strength and thickness. I like your channel and tips ive learned alot but T Bar rowing is staying my programme sir.

  5. caseydog3 says:

    Pick your glutes up imma gonna give you erectors ?

  6. The dumbest trainer in the world.

  7. Get Rekt says:

    nigga my test shots give me the peak contraction i need

  8. thank you 4 the great info. now I can stop doing the wrong exercises I thought was helping me 2 achieve my goals

  9. Unsubbing. Pretty much every single good exercise you deem damaging. T ROWS will make you gain some great mass in the back.

  10. xNatelive says:

    You cant overload with dumbbells like you can if you do T-bar rows. For natural lifters you need to lift heavy weight in order to grow.

  11. this dude is an awful instructor…"Alright extend the back during this row and great let's get some weight so you can really not imrpove"…fkn personal trainers

  12. alexxhappy says:

    When a old man says the T-bar row is ineffective, it keep doing T-bar row.

  13. This retard wants erector involvement on a fucking supported row?

  14. pin your arms closer to your body

  15. I agree, because you don't get any leverage for an intense rep

  16. not even gonna watch this one. let me guess. T-row can ruin your life and I must be cautious with whatever he is gonna show me.

  17. TheMacocko says:

    According to YouTube, there's not a single exercise that isn't bad, not one type of food that's good and every supplement is the greatest thing ever.

  18. MeloMAN says:

    completely agree.i do not feel the muscles as well as other back exercises!just stress on lower back!

  19. I tried this with the dumbbells yesterday. You were right, Ron! I felt it and my back grew.

  20. WatDaHeooo says:

    I'll tell you what.. I'll add these to my workout plan.. But I'm also keeping the t bar row.

  21. No offense man, but there's very little good advice here and a whole load of crap. Take his tips on form and technique , but e is rubbishing a lot of great exercise. A one-size-fits-all-what-works-for-me-should-no-doubt-work-for-you tye mentality!

  22. "perfect time under tension contraction mind muscle" fucking bullshit. shut the fuck up and keep pumping juice in your ass with your terrible physique lookin ass. These guys know fuck all about what will build your back.

  23. John Doe says:

    couldn't agree more !!! just because asshole Arnold did it doesn't mean it's the best movement for complete development!!

  24. You bashing on all the top exercises​

  25. MRorkun1 says:

    Do a lot of fluf and pump work and blast your muscles from all angles to get jacked (if you use steroids).

  26. Why would you WANT to activate more erectors than necessary on these. This just makes no sense.

  27. Are you kidding me, how is he not engaging his erectors?? This channel..

  28. I'm sure the best workouts instruction is on Unflexal page. I just love it !

  29. Great to see that your skill… Try Unflexal workouts to be more flexal 🙂

  30. who in the blue hell are you to say no to T-bar row. Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Lee Haney.. all of these guy have great let's and t-bar row is their fundamental for their lats size

  31. bmc says:

    this man is talking s***

  32. Mr. "PECTORIALS" himself. The knees should be bent doing T Bars. That incline bench exercise is a rear dealt movement, not too effective for Lats, only about 20%. NOBODY BEATS VINCE GIRONDA WHEN IT COMES TO TRAINING!!!!!!

  33. Ed Kennedy says:

    Arnie did them, Ronnie did them so why wouldn't I.

  34. rsm says:

    Pointless video… there is not one "best" exercise for any body part. Everyone's body is different and certain movements work better for other people.

  35. google chris jones t bar rows, he got some valuable info compared to this clown here

  36. I like your explaination, and i agree with it. But correct me if i'm wrong with the t-bar rows, but i put 25lbers and can get a full contraction and now i love t-bar rows, i used to agree with you til i did this technique, but correct me if i'm wrong.

  37. just go do heavy rack pulls above the knee and heavy cheat rows #alphadestinymasterrace

  38. miamidade1 says:

    Thanks for the info!

  39. Straight to the point. Subscribed!

  40. Correct but the T bar is for with of the back maybe Len more over as seen with the bum bells he's lean more over?

  41. T-Bar row is actually a great exercise people and it works. Not enough people do it correctly with smaller plates and actually bending lower to get a contraction in the lats.

  42. yea but dumbel rows and barbel rows are good for grip strength

  43. Early Man says:

    I use them 25 plates instead.

  44. thanks Big Ron …much needed info In depths of youtube

  45. Ouch those dumbbell rows look painful . Seems like all the weight is on his lower back

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