Side Kick Pilates Exercise - Adrianne Crawford

Side Kick Pilates Exercise – Adrianne Crawford

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Muscle Focus: Hips, thighs, and abdominals.
Objective: Stabilization of the powerhouse and to strengthen the glutes, hips, abdominals, and back extensors.

Start Position: Lie on your right side in a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Prop your head on your right hand and place your left palm flat on the Mat in front of your chest. Move both legs in front of your hips on a slight diagonal.

Movement: Lift the top leg off the bottom leg, and kick it forward two times. Lengthen the leg as you sweep it to kick back. Perform five or more repetitions, and then repeat on the other side.

Precautions: Only move the leg so far forward or back as you can without moving the pelvis or crunching the lower back. Torso should remain still and stable throughout the exercise.

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There are a lot of obstacles to fitness success, from a lack of know-how to a lack of commitment. You will have the best results if you apply tips like the ones in this article, which can help make your workouts more fun and enjoyable.

Music can magically get your body moving. How can you play your favorite energetic tunes without wanting to jump up and dance? You would be missing out if you don’t build music into you exercise program! Turn up the music and get moving. Music can help you feel more alive and energized while working out, which enables you to perform at higher levels for an extended period of time.

Look for others in your circle of friends or in your family who you can pair up with to achieve mutual weight loss goals. Now you can workout together and know how much you’ve achieved. Enlisting a workout partner makes your workout more enjoyable. Time will fly, and you will be having so much fun, you won’t want it to end.

Exercise can be more fun if you forget that you are exercising. One option to consider if you have a video gaming console is fitness-orientated games. There are many different types of workout games. Maybe you would enjoy dancing with virtual partners or strategy games that work your body. Maybe you would like to box a virtual opponent. Whatever type of game you like, the workouts will seem fun and more like playing than anything else.

Once you decide to start an exercise regimen, look for some workout clothes you actually like. If you put on grungy, unremarkable exercise clothing, you will not feel energized and motivated for a positive workout. Dressing in cute and attractive workout gear can help motivate you to get moving and continue to work towards your goals.

Doing the same exercise routine over and over again is dull and will make you want to quit. Any time your exercise routine becomes boring, it will feel less important to you. That means a million other things will seem to get in the way of getting it done. Make your workout routines exciting and dynamic, being sure to mix up the routines as much as possible. It will be easier for you to enjoy your work out and stay motivated.

It is important to reward yourself when you hit a fitness goal, especially because it motivates you to continue moving forward. The reward doesn’t have to be anything very large. It can be as small as a tiny dessert or a new shirt. Make sure your reward is something that you can get easily and that you look forward to. Small rewards throughout the weight loss process will keep you motivated and help you to succeed.

Working out should be enjoyable, not a chore. Be sure to include some fun exercise in your workouts, such as playing basketball or biking, so that you will enjoy it. You can have more fun with your workout by using these tips.

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Dr. Mary Lee Vance
Dr. Mary Lee Vance
specializes in diet and weight management. He is associate professor of health, behavior, and society at the JHKs Bloomberg School of Public Health, with joint appointments in medicine and human nutrition.

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