Reduced Carb Raspberry Creme Brulee with Champagne

Reduced Carb Raspberry Creme Brulee with Champagne

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Champagne and raspberries lend a tangy acidity to a prosperous small carb creme brulee. This amazing sugar-absolutely free baked custard recipe is the best in keto desserts.

I have shared many recipes for small carb and sugar-absolutely free creme brulee this yr. My most loved was a decadent chocolate truffle creme brulee followed by espresso creme brulee then I designed a vanilla bean creme brulee for my buddy at Healthful Yum. They’ve all been beautiful.

If you haven’t designed creme brulee prior to, you are in for a address. It’s just one of the most simple desserts about. Have you puzzled how to make creme brulee? Pour incredibly hot sweetened product (or coconut milk) more than egg yolks, increase your flavorings, pour the custard into custard cups or ramekins and bake in a water bath. Chilling delivers it all jointly. Major this baked custard dessert with whipped product or end with a burnt sugar major (brulee).

What I actually delight in about creme brulee, even small carb creme brulee, is that it’s easy to flavor. Brandy or spiced rum impart a vanilla flavor and a minor espresso powder balances richness and delivers out flavors in chocolate. Vodka, gin, or champagne cut the richness in creme brulee though whisky adds a refined flavor. There is much experimenting to be carried out!

For this raspberry creme brulee, I decreased brut Champagne (incredibly dry champagne) to concentrate its flavor and extra a few raspberries to the custard. The mix is astounding.

To make sugar-absolutely free or small carb creme brulee, simply just swap the sugar with a small carb sugar alternate this kind of as erythriol or xylitol. I use an erythritol-stevia blend, Sukrin, but some others use Swerve or a Monkfruit sweetener. Almost everything else is the exact.

As I described this custard can be topped with whipped product. To get the characteristic burnt sugar major or “brulee” sprinkle the major with sweetener and brown with a culinary torch.

Raspberry creme brulee is very tasty, but packs fairly a wallop in energy and extra fat. It is unquestionably a distinctive situation address. Though the recipe states four servings, it can effortlessly be designed into six servings. Use smaller ramekins or fill your custard cups a lot less comprehensive. Appreciate!

This tasty Reduced Carb Raspberry Creme Brulee with Champagne is 5 internet carbs per serving.


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Reduced Carb Raspberry Creme Brulee with Champagne

Brut Champagne and raspberries lend a tangy acidity to a prosperous small carb creme brulee. This amazing sugar absolutely free baked custard recipe is the best in keto desserts.

Servings: four

Calories: 391 kcal


  • one cup Brut Champagne
  • one two/three cups significant product
  • six big egg yolks
  • one/three cup Sukrin Melis Icing Sugar (or Swerve Confectioners)
  • one/four tsp stevia glycerite (or much more Sukrin to taste)
  • one/four tsp vanilla bean powder (or one/two tsp vanilla extract)
  • two ounces raspberries



  1. Simmer the champagne more than medium small warmth – small warmth until finally close to two-three tablespoons are left. Be watchful not to burn it. Pour into a small glass bowl to awesome.

  2. Preheat oven to 350 levels and put rack to the middle place. Warmth water in a tea kettle until finally incredibly hot, but not boiling. Discover a pan big enough to in shape four ramekins and deep enough to increase water halfway up the sides of the ramekins. 


  1. Incorporate the yolks and one tablespoon of the sweetener to a medium bowl. Defeat effectively to fully split up the yolks. Get rid of any chalazae that continue to be.

    Pour the significant product into a small pot and increase the remaining sweetener and vanilla bean powder (if utilizing extract, increase afterwards). Location the pot more than medium warmth and warmth, stirring occasionally with a whisk, until finally bubbles get started to simmer about the edge of the pot. Flip off the warmth and get started pouring the egg yolk into the incredibly hot product mixture – incredibly slowly but surely in a slender stream, though speedily whisking all the though. Whisk in the decreased champagne and stevia glycerite (and increase the vanilla extract if you are utilizing that alternatively.)


  1. Location three raspberries in each and every ramekin. Divide the crème brulee mixture evenly involving four ramekins. Location the ramekins into the pan and fill the pan with incredibly hot water fifty percent way up the sides of the ramekins. Cautiously put the pan into the oven and bake for thirty minutes or until finally the incredibly enter of the crème brulee is softly established.

    Cool the crème brulee in the water bath for an hour prior to eradicating to a rack to awesome fully. Deal with with plastic wrap and refrigerate at the very least four hours (right away is superior).

  2. Ahead of serving, sprinkle one/two teaspoon sweetener more than the major of each and every crème brulee. Melt the sweetener with a culinary torch until finally it caramelizes, turning brown. Alternately, increase a dollop of whipped product to the major. Serve. Garnish with further raspberries if ideal. (Custards will continue to keep in the refrigerator up to three times – any for a longer time than that and the raspberries get started to launch water.)

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