Push Ups for Bigger, Stronger Triceps | Add Mass without Weights

Push Ups for Bigger, Stronger Triceps | Add Mass without Weights

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The push up has been one of the best upper body exercises for decades for good reason…you can ADD MASS without weights depending on how you do them. Do push ups like THIS for bigger and stronger Triceps.

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Most folks do not set goals when losing weight because they don’t have the knowledge they need to be motivated. There are lots of ways you can make your workout more enjoyable. Below are some of those ways.

Using your favorite music during your workout gets you moving. When you are lacking in motivation you may want to turn on your favorite music and play it loudly. One you hear the rhythm, your body will begin to move with it. Follow the rhythm and cut loose. Allow yourself to let loose. Listening to music helps you forget that you are exercising, thus allowing you to spend more time working out.

Bring a friend or two when you work out. Make your workouts a social get-together. It will make them more fun. When you are sharing the workout experience with someone, time passes much faster. Pleasant company is distracting enough so that you won’t focus on your aching muscles. To try and make exercising more enjoyable and fun, you should ask friends to join you.

Exercising can seem to be finished more quickly if you distract yourself from what your body is up to. Using a workout video game might be the best way to do this. You will find a wide variety of these types of games. There are games that require you to drive a boat or play a virtual sport by executing certain body movements. Maybe you would have fun practicing your boxing skills? Regardless of what you prefer, these games will provide assistance in achieving your weight loss goals.

If you purchase some new workout clothes that you like, you will feel more comfortable when you are doing your workout routines. While you might not necessarily like the feel or make of particular workout clothes, there are many different types of materials for you to choose from. When you see all the different variates of attire you might be astonished. A cute outfit may be all you need to get the motivation to go to the gym.

Don’t find yourself falling into the same old work out routine day after day. If you become bored or you don’t see the exercise as being fun any more, then you will be more prone to quit. Switch things around and make things different to keep your motivation going strong. Have multiple music options or learn a completely new routine. If you keep your eyes open you should be able to find interesting ways to liven up your workout.

You will be motivated to lose more weight if you reward yourself each time you reach a weight loss goal. The reward doesn’t have to be anything very large. It can be as small as a tiny dessert or a new shirt. If you are going to give yourself a reward, you should make it something your really going to look forward to getting. Having motivation is what will help you reach your goal.

Exercising can be a fun way to spend some time. It should not be something that you hate to do. There are many different ways to get the exercise you need. This article contains some useful advice to help you start to develop an enjoyable exercise regime.

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Associate professor of nutrition at the Univ. of Ottawa focuses her research on nutrition for athletes, athletic performance, weight management, the glycemic index, a measure of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels.


  1. dude you're doing push ups the wrong way

  2. thx bro for this video i have got nice triceps by seeing this video and all the best for your future.

  3. zveryok1 says:

    Not postured correctly. Not keeping abs tight hence lower back dropping so low.

  4. my shitty shoulders wont allow me to do diamond 🙁

  5. up down??? it's the other way around

  6. I got leg ass arms I can't do that

  7. once again not a gain was made

  8. Fitness says:

    damn.. Looking strong as hell!! What do you bench??

  9. Tiger push up and bodywheight triceps extension is better!

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