POG Tips- Incline Dumbbell Curls VS Standing Dumbbell Curls

POG Tips- Incline Dumbbell Curls VS Standing Dumbbell Curls

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  1. al hayward says:

    Dude. He only done bicep curls and is already sweating.

  2. What are you on Chris??

  3. focused40 says:

    Man Thanks so much for this video I just started doing these and i like them but they were killing my shoulders and I see now its because I was having my wrist in and turning at the top.

  4. my nigga!!! he he he he he he.

  5. I don't know how Chris does it but he has one of the most incredible broscience I have ever seen.

  6. Awgichew says:

    Great advice brutha!

  7. Would one advantage of standing dumbbell curls be that it's easier to cheat if you want to get extra rep or two? This is assuming you're not training with a partner.

  8. R Montana says:

    Masturbation with wrist weights gave me huge biceps and forearms. 

  9. Liahnnah says:

    Hei Guys! I hope somebody who knows how to answer this can help me. I'd really apreciate it! I love doing this exercise, but I have a problem while doing it…  After a few reps of this exercise my arms start to feel numb, with a stronger tingling sensation in the area where the bicep and the front delt meet and then going down the arm. I noticed that this happens wheather I'm actually curling or just letting the arms hang, and I can still do a few reps, but after a while the numbness prevents me from doing it anymore, even though my biceps are not tired… Does any one have any idea why this might be happening and what can I do to stop it? In any other bicep exercises I have no problems… just this one… 
    If it helps at all… I'm a 24 year old girl and I've only been working out for a year, but it's been a year of serious dedication and evolution.

  10. rich80baby says:

    Wow.. Good teacher!

  11. rich80baby says:

    Wow.. Good teacher!

  12. Beastmode rip off. Lord vital is BEAST!!!

  13. chris such a real dude, he right about them big booty bitches in the gym

  14. Now that shirt I like someone post a link where I can buy plz.

  15. Sam Peter says:

    I have included this in my biceps workout and its amazing. Great pump dude. What about this exercise for building mass?

  16. Bacon Lion says:

    this is the truth. spent a week doing inclined, the next week, that weight was so much easier standing

  17. I feel it so much more doing incline dumbbell curls than standing dumbbell curls

  18. 2:38 That right hand doee

  19. Tomn8er says:

    hey Chris I always thought the point of doing incline db curls was the great stretch you get at the bottom. Bit of bro science here but I've found that this really hits that upper part of the biceps (near the shoulder). But the way you show it here, only extending til your arms are about 45 degrees, looks no different than if you were to do preacher curls…

  20. Gary Guinn says:

    Thanks Bro I have been hitting to many plateau's so this will help me for sure!

  21. miDWl3jIR5pUEMUWcFSS2RST2iIdxSJFD6A8DJcxSD-rkcq5DFlumzlU8WMa

  22. fucking lost it when Mr. Popo came on the screen!!! Chris makes my day

  23. ItsMOBS says:

    Ive been smoking about a half a week, at 5'11, 7 months ago I was 314lbs, Im currrently weighing in at 240lbs, Lsize tops, & a Waist36!!! And I aint done yet!

  24. Imma def try this, I used to do them before but then I stopped. Im start it up again. peace

  25. GigglyGod says:

    at some point dont fitness channel run out of videos to make lol, still enjoyed it tho

  26. Straps are the shit

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