MMA Fighter Workout for Women (BADASS BABE!)

MMA Fighter Workout for Women (BADASS BABE!)

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Killer fat burning muscle building workouts

Today we’ve got a killer MMA fighter workout for women. It’s a martial arts inspired HIIT cardio workout that will hit your legs, abs and arms and get you in fighting shape like MMA fighter, Rhonda Rousey!

This MMA training circuit is comprised of 1 minute rounds of these MMA inspired exercises:

1) Jump rope (high knees if you can) followed by Plank Hold

2) Krav Burpees, followed by Plank Hold

3) Jump rope, followed by Plank Hold

4) Spiderman Kickthrough, followed by Plank Hold

5) Jump rope, followed by Plank Hold

6) Punch Abs, followed by Plank Hold

7) Jump rope, followed by Plank Hold

8) Ninja Jump Tucks

These 8 exercises make up one tough MMA HIIT workout! Jump rope is the classic MMA cardio move, and when you combine it with the burpees, kickthroughs, punch abs and ninja jump tucks, you’ve got a martial arts workout that will leave you panting on the floor! Do this MMA workout/HIIT circuit 1 — 2 times per week for maximum fat burning potential.

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  1. noor noor says:

    I love you melissa. cuz of I lost lots of my weight 😍😍😙😙

  2. Inan Joice says:

    hey Melissa, thanks a lot that was amazing and quick. Loved it. I have a hurt foot, aching knee and problems with my neck and most wo arent for me but this was great. I want more mma themed workouts too! 🙋🏽❤️

  3. I do boxing (2 hours) 3 times a week and the rest of it I do some video routines but I'm thinking on adding some extra cardio workout in the mornings too, do you recommend me to do any of these HIIT and cardio workouts in the morning and at night do some resistance/weight training on the days I dont go to boxing?

  4. omg this girl killed this I will try tomorrow and and continue watching your videos

  5. What a horrible music.

  6. How long are.we supposed to spend on each portion of the workout?

  7. kcl060 says:

    Great workout video, but the music kind of gives me a headache. Can't wait to try this awesome workout!

  8. Metairie H says:

    Melissa – This is the first time I've seen this, but I love your straightforward positivity! I could follow this easily, even if I don't have the endurance yet.

  9. I LOVE your workout Melissa. Keep it coming !

  10. MAR AKASHA says:


  11. Did 3 rounds, alternating jump rope with high knees because it's kind of difficult jump rope in my living room.  But it was intense as always!! Thanks Melissa another great one!!

  12. I like how she is rwal about it. Its only human for it to hurt sometimes during sets even as the trainer dont mean youre inadequate

  13. I knew this workout was going to be hard, but I didn't know it would be this hard…i only did 3 rounds. Is it okay to do this routine everyday or should I do other exercises to target different areas?

  14. Sandra says:

    Just did three rounds, waited 5 minutes, and did a fourth. Loved it! So glad you're back!

  15. More Melissa and more MMA-themed workouts please!

  16. Hey Melissa, did 3 rounds of it … great workouts as always!!! Love to working out with you.

  17. Great workout, Melissa. Looking forward to your next post. Thanks for your hard work.

  18. km chic says:

    Yay!! Melissa!! You rock!! Just did three rounds! Awesome as always!!!

  19. Did 4 rounds. Still at the point of doing pushups on my knees. But it's getting easier and easier every day. Pretty soon I'll be ready to advance to regular ones.

  20. Awesome workout Melissa !!

  21. sass9507 says:

    It's nice to see Melissa Ioja on here. Great workout!

  22. Melissa is by far the most effective and challenging trainer I have tried! Athlean-XX followers will not be disappointed with her workouts! Just finished this four times through with high knees on the jump rope (no rope). Some of my favorite exercises! Loved it! Thank you Athlean-xx and Melissa!

  23. Dirt Poor says:

    Seems pretty efficient.  Especially all the explanations.  I like how you even pulled this tombstone closer a bit before it was needed.  I like the spiderman pushups but they get my heavy ass tired quick.  Esp trying to do them as fast as i can in 2 beat motions.  Woo I didnt think I could do those jump-tucks but had to complete it after seeing you doing it.  those jump-tucks were fun.

  24. 3blklabs says:

    Okay I just finished three rounds awesome, awesome ,awesome ,awesome! The only one thing I had a problem with Was the tuck jumps, I can do that part but when I'm on my knees are my feet supposed to be flat or ,to be balancing on my toes when I jumped to my feet?

  25. Awesome! Awesome! Thank you!

  26. I murdered this just now… It's AWESOME!

  27. 3blklabs says:

    Amazing! Now this is what I'm talking about! I am heading to the gym right now with this video. Thanks Athlean xx for women you've really kick it up a notch!

  28. This is gonna burn sooooo good

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