* LOW IMPACT Cardio TABATA with Music | 20 Minute Fat Burning Workout for BEGINNERS

* LOW IMPACT Cardio TABATA with Music | 20 Minute Fat Burning Workout for BEGINNERS

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We’re going Back to (old) School with this LOW IMPACT cardio TABATA originally filmed in November, 2013. This is one of my sweatiest all-CARDIO videos, and even though I adore the workout, it’s always been missing something: MUSIC! Back in the day, I didn’t offer much verbal explanation or friendly chatter, so the original video is awkwardly silent (see for yourself here: https://youtu.be/sNTgk_RnCno ). But now, thanks to the magic of re-editing, this no jumping, calorie-crushing, fat-burning workout is a lot more FUN. 🙂

Level: BEGINNER+ (high heart rate, very repetitive)

Equipment: NONE

Warm Up and Cool Down: Both are LINKED in video

Exercise Time: 21 minutes

Why you’re going to ❤ this workout:
Tabatas are awesome. They are tough mentally from all the repetition and the high intensity, but they also move along quickly and are guaranteed to make you super sweaty. Plus? Music!

Where this fits into your routine:

Who can do this workout safely and well:
This is very beginner-friendly work, what with the lack of jumping and all.

Calories Burned:
Somewhere in the vicinity of 150 – 200 calories (this number depends on your weight and intensity)

⌛ HIIT timer is set for intervals of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

MAIN WORKOUT (complete eight work intervals in a row of all-out effort for each exercise):
Goofy Jacks
Reverse Lunge with Kick (4x each side)
The Wave
Flying Fast Ups (4x each side)

FINISHER (following the final 10 seconds of rest, complete these exercises in a row with no rest – Side Planks will be 10 second intervals):
Plank Hold
Side Plank Hold
Reverse Plank Hold
Side Plank Hold
Plank Hold

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  1. First time working out with you. I am so out of shape, and that kicked my butt. I plan on doing this until I can do it without taking longer than a 10 sec break half way through. And until I can do that plank at the end. Couldn't hold it today. Great, simple, quick workout.

  2. I love this one. I prefer a little music and less talking. Sometimes the chattering is nerve wracking when you are super tired and breathing hard. Thanks for sharing a little "old school!"

  3. That was no joke for a short workout! Great quick cardio!!!!thanks

  4. Definite heart rate raised and sweaty on that one. ,,

  5. Mandi says:

    your so fun…I will say I love that the newer videos have you talking (I have no idea how you do it) but the workout was a sweat fest for sure 🙂

  6. J Kmpln says:

    Do a quick workout, they said! It will be fun, they said!

  7. We'll go running in the dark, Tabataing through the park, and reminiscing 🤔 ! I loved this. You were so quiet back then. I did this past Friday's Fun Run (ran yesterday, so figured hey, I'm only running 2/3 of the time today, the ankle can take it 😉 ) before I went back in time. This was a great idea. Thanks for keeping everything fresh (again). 😘

  8. I loved this one even before, and still do now! I haven't done it since February. I didn't comment back then, so I wonder what were my stats… Today, without any additional warmup, my average HR for these 22 minutes was 147 BPM, and maximal HR was 162. It took me only one minute to enter my "cardio HR" zone — those goofy jacks are great stuff, huh?
    I was very careful with the putting weight on my shoulders during rockettes, so I did them from a "seated staff pose" — 8 rounds of those is a killer workout for the quads! I was TOAST by the end. I did all planks on my forearms, and swapped the reverse plank with another front plank on forearms. It worked well!
    Thanks for a great mid-summer sweat 🙂

  9. ingakaye says:

    Even though I am not familiar with the earlier videos, this one fit right in with the ones I have been participating in for the past year and a half or so. I have taken a break from working out, so this one kicked my butt, in a good way. This one will be added to my list as well. Thanks for another great workout.

  10. This was great! Not usually a fan of music when i work out but this totally worked:)

  11. Karen D says:

    Really liked this one ! Day #21 in the bag thank you for yet another great workout Pahla. 🐝👊☺

  12. This is one of the very first if not THE first Pahla B workout I ever did. I still work it in when I want a quick cardio hiit. I love it! Music is a great addition too.

  13. Now I am doing this workout… amazing!! Thank you!! I need weight loss, you are helping me!!

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