Jump Rope Dance Workout: Melody DanceFit + Zen Dude Fitness

Jump Rope Dance Workout: Melody DanceFit + Zen Dude Fitness

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Jump Rope Dance Workout: Melody DanceFit + Zen Dude Fitness

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Melody DanceFit:

Today’s Workout:
-30 sec – side step double squat
-30 sec – jump rope freestyle
-30 sec – side step into jumping jacks
-30 sec – jump rope freestyle
-30 sec – knee to chest + feet x’s
-30 sec – jump rope freestyle
-30 sec – speed skater touches
-30 sec – jump rope freestyle

**rest 10 seconds between exercises
**complete circuit 3-5x (3 beginner, 5 for advanced)

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  1. ndufcat says:

    Chic is jumping too high…way too much impact. This should have been a how not to jump video as well.

  2. Wut up ZENDUDEFITNESS & MELANIE!! Awesome dance workout moves, Mel's lil meltdown @ 3:37 Hahaha Arghh "very cute" YES MELANIE I get it!! I'm also aligned with my Melanie who loves to dance & this is totally going to make working out so much fun for us!!!

  3. work it baby work it…πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. "What's up playazzzzzzz." You need to patent that!

  5. aaaaaaaawesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love this type of workout!!!!

  7. And that is how you have fun while getting a workout in! Do the Thing!

  8. damn… why is it unavailable?😭

  9. there is an editing mishap there towards the end

  10. Cannt load the video….says not available

  11. Thanks. Richard Simmons has nothing on you guys. Where do you make your videos? Do you anticipate doing any jump rope appearances or gatherings in the NYC area?

  12. I cant open or watch the video. Help!!!

  13. Awesome video it was funky and energetic!

  14. Daaaang that was a blast! ZDF doin the thing!

  15. New subscriber here! Upload more videos like this, man. I follow those steps always I'm in no mood for running.

  16. I like it πŸ˜€ the chicks pretty too

  17. Th3Sn1ks says:

    can you guys like upload this to the facebook group maybe it will work for those who can't see the video (me included)

  18. Katy Meier says:

    Not available in germany 😩😩😫😫

  19. Eddie G says:

    this is what you call WORKOUT MOTIVATION πŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸŽ– thanks ZENDUDEFITNESS!!!

  20. Heyyy, are you gonna record more videos like this one?

    love the channel <3

  21. Jose N says:

    that was fun to watch

  22. Video is not available… ???

  23. Aryano Boy says:

    what the hell?this vid is not available?Zen dudes what's up man

  24. Dude this was SICK!! Im totally gonna try this!!! Love it!

  25. The video is not available.. 😭

  26. why is this video not available

  27. ams914 says:

    "I've never seen anybody move like that."
    "I know, I've been told that a lot."

  28. Very Cool. I do Cize(Beachbody) and jump rope already plus some Insanity moves. I already know all of the Cize workouts and some Cize Live stuff because I am a certified instructor. I'm not a dancer though. But I'm good at Cize. Getting better with the rope.

  29. what happened video is not available ?

  30. liltcup76 says:

    Ya'll are funny πŸ˜‰

  31. Jordan Mak says:

    That totally amazing!!

  32. I love you guys, keep up with the channel, keep going, so please, I love you and keep up the fun.

  33. Rahma Essa says:

    it doesnt work πŸ™

  34. it's unavailable to me😭this is not fair😭

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