Insane Jump Rope Transformations

Insane Jump Rope Transformations

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Insane Jump Rope Transformations
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Hi there. We’re Dan and Brandon (The Zen Dudes). We’re here to help you get lean and have fun with a jump rope. We created Zen Dude Fitness because we lost 130 lbs. collectively after years of struggling to attain the physiques we desired. With just a jump rope and the world as your gym we are here to teach you how to do the same.


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A Simple But Effective Program To Lose Fat After 30, 40, 50 and Above

Achieving your fitness goals may seem to some an impossible dream. Take the time to understand what you need to do to achieve your goal and set realistic goals for getting in shape. Find ways to reward and motivate yourself for achieving milestones along the way. Use this article to get insight on how to make your workout more fun and something to which you look forward.

Play some tunes while you exercise. Music can make your body naturally move to the rhythm and beat. When you exercise to music and move your body, then it’s like dancing, and you don’t feel like it’s a workout. You will forget about any aches and pains and carry on working out for a little while longer.

Bring a willing friend along with you to exercise. Not only will you stay connected with your friends, but you will also benefit by staying fit. What better time than when you are exercising to get in a bit of gossip! It makes exercising much less of a chore. Exercising can be a blast when you are with a friend.

Get an workout video game to play. It can be an excellent way to add flavor to your workout. Playing a fun game will keep your mind off the workout that your body is getting. You do not feel tired as easily, which increases your endurance and stamina.

Wearing exercise clothes that are flattering to your body help with motivation. There are an endless number of colors and styles of workout clothing available. Proper workout clothing will help in motivating you to go out and exercise.

Find ways to mix up your workouts on a daily basis. This will keep things from getting too monotonous. Letting yourself get bored will make it harder to reach your goals. Use fitness videos in your workout to spice things up, or research online for new exercises you can try.

Whenever you achieve a fitness milestone, make sure you give yourself a reward. By doing this you will stay motivated. Your reward can be quite small – a new garment, a favorite dessert, a coveted CD – just as long as it motivates you along your way. When picking your reward, make sure it’s something that you will look forward to getting and can use as a motivational tool. It is most important to keep going when you do not feel like doing anything.

Do not just concentrate on the work in working out. Working out can be a fun activity, and add a large social component to your life. Consider the following information to make your routine have more enjoyment.

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Dr. William W. Tong
Dr. William W. Tong
An authority on food psychology, Wansink is most beneficial known for his work on consumer behavior and for popularizing terms such as "mindless eating" and "health halos." He authored the best-selling book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (Bantam, 2006). Wansink participated in the first two editions of Best Diets.


  1. Very inspiring! 2 weeks into the ZDF challenge, and now I'm even more motivated! #DOTHETHING

  2. I don't really need to lose weight, but I'm really sedentary and wanna get fit and healthy, this video is really inspiring. I'm just wondering, if I do jump rope workouts alone, will I lose too much muscle mass? I wanna get rid of this skinny fat thing. You guys are awesome, xx

  3. Hello ,please make video on simple workout for fast growing height please please…….😁😁😁

  4. I have been trying so hard but it's tough to use the work outs because for some reason I just can't get beyond the basic bounce.

  5. How many times a week should I jump rope?

  6. KAru 19 says:

    no matter which exercises u do….
    it onlyyyyyyyyyy works when u eat clean… nd healthy

  7. steven a says:

    Hey dude, that β€œmichael Connor β€œ dude in that transformation video, his tattoo seems to shift from one side to the other in the before and after shot. Are you sure that’s the same dude??

  8. man im currently into aesthetic bodybuilding, so keeping a low % body fat is a must, that's why i do HIIT cardio 5 times a week and lift 6 times a week. I tried lots of HIIT workouts but i gotta say jump rope is the most fun (though just as tiring)

  9. AejaVu says:

    I signed up for the Crossrope 30 day challenge β€” i just got my crossrope starter set and I’m aiming to be on this list of beautiful success stories. I’m determined ^_^ see you at the challenge dudes ^_^

  10. Dude u talk too much, come to the point already.

  11. Chris Hall says:

    Yo guys, thanks for putting me in contact with the right people. I talked to Jeannette at cross rope and my broken handles are being replaced. You guys really helped me out.i can appreciate that. If there is anything I can do for you guys let me know. Yo Dan! Next time your in West Chester, hit me up playyyaaaaa!!!!

  12. Will Kelly says:

    I lost 45lbs since march jump roping, if you guys want to include my before and after pic I'd be super happy to send you, 240 down to 195 lbs

  13. Sal Ruiz says:

    What's the promo code for the ropes?

  14. Chris Hall says:

    I finally heard back from the manufacture and they are basically telling me to go fuck myself. I sent them video of my handle, the bearings are loose inside. They told me to spray wd40 on it to loosen dirt inside? What dirt?

  15. OMG!!! This is amazing!!!

  16. My balls smell like irish springs

  17. ZERO ZERO says:

    Hey I am a beginner so I wanted to ask you guys that how long should I do jump roping per day πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ pls answer.

  18. These people are scammers, literally bought there product for $35 and they never emailed it to me, so I tried emailing them and it's been a month and still no response.

  19. moussabby says:

    So inspiring! Thank you guys! I'll get on the free 4 week challenge to try out and start with!

  20. Soon I WILL be there for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi. I have a question. To get those transformations in six to nine months, how many repetitions they made?

  22. My dude will we be getting a squat jump tutorial?

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