HOW TO: two strand twist | Men,women

HOW TO: two strand twist | Men,women

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(NEXT VID) wash and go – may of you guys have been wondering how i wash my my hair and all my products , the wait is almost over

Prods i use in this vid ; proclaim gel ,leave in condish , coconut oil, spray bottle , and the dennmen brush

Want defined curls check out

want finger coils ?

Insta ; Officialmicah
sc; just.micah

Also i do hair and go to cosmo school ; will be uploading my work and tutorials

see ya be ya
Micslay king

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  1. Will this work with 4c hair? and will it move like that?

  2. how long did it take you to grow all of that hair

  3. hey how long your hair have to be in how long you been growing it❓I just want the top of my head to grow like yours can you answer it will really help your subscriber

  4. RekterRoar says:

    does it work with afro fade

  5. Finally find what i was looking For

    And u funny too
    Thanks a looot

  6. Xra King says:

    is this possible to do if I'm white ?

  7. A7 Ashovy says:

    nigga be lookin like a black shane dawson in dis bih?? -_-

  8. Lmao I didn't even watch the video cause the intro got dying over here ???????

  9. already knew this nigga was gay from the start but he did gave me some lil tips tho. all I care about is that its done

  10. how do you secure the ends? My twists keep falling out πŸ™

  11. Odell Ward says:

    how do you get your hair to grow

  12. where did you get the hair products from

  13. PittsensX says:

    where do you get those clips?

  14. SonOfLight says:

    always a faggot doing these videos

  15. I hope you can use any kind of gel..

  16. Does this work for asians or only for African Americans?

  17. i did this tutorial but my hair was sticking up how can i get my hair to move and have weight

  18. lol I love your intro to the video!! Thinking about trying this look once my hair grows out!!

  19. my cousin is worrying me to death to do this for him

  20. I can't see him twist

  21. Benedikt says:

    looks like fusili pasta XD

  22. will these do anything for like, curl pattern? yo I have no idea, my boy needs some help

  23. How do you keep them locked in?

  24. : says:

    twirl or twist (twist) like one over the other

  25. how do you wash your hair

  26. nice hair this wassup

  27. FRESH BOY says:

    I have short hair a Lil bit what can I use to make it grow more

  28. Alpha Bah says:

    How often do you twist braid your hair??

  29. is there a way to do this to your hair without breaking it?

  30. Bill Sandy says:

    how long u growed that hair out

  31. when yo next video is gonna be

  32. How long was your hair making this video?

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