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Hey everyone! In this video I show exactly how I make my twists wigs. Your subscription means a lot to me. Please don’t forget to subscribe.

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How To: Box Braids Wig –


Music by ELHAE – End of time Angels

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  1. Bri Kama says:

    nice video i like it how can i get that wig please

  2. Lois Dons says:

    that was great one there

  3. girl that's what we call talent keep it up,

  4. Wow! you're so gifted, wish i could do this, again do you sell them? Please let me know. Keep up the great work!

  5. mercy lala says:

    nice work dear,,,,bt Hw many packs of attachment did u use for dat twisted wig


  7. nice video how l wish l can get one now.

  8. thank you very much easy and smart

  9. my sister God will continue to bless the work of your hand. Nice job

  10. joy famous says:

    Nice video
    in fact I like all your videos I am a stylish and I have also learn more from you
    keep on doing it the Lord is your strength

  11. This is amazing. I want a braid or twist wig but i want it to be natural looking and this is perfect. Thanks.

  12. ur amazing, thank u for the video….u reward will come

  13. Well done sis.thanks for teaching u…

  14. watching it , it seems like common sense but I couldn't figure it out at all . thank you for this !

  15. You are too nice.. thanks for teaching us.. I just feel in love with you.. kudos girl

  16. Mia Barron says:

    I Love Your Channel … Keep It Up!

  17. i so much love u videos u are such a humble lady u teach very well to peoples understadin u are speific tanks and God bless

  18. I'm glad I'm not African

  19. king mabel says:

    This is great. ..what is the name of the lace

  20. u are very gud dear,,,God u dear

  21. Very nice, but you should've put concealer on the part and pulled ur wig up more. It would've looked less wiggy.

  22. I like your music selection. good work dear.

  23. Eunice Adu says:

    You be too much my dear

  24. Awwwww I like her. I won't buy her wig but I love her. She has a beautiful soul. God bless you.

  25. Lisa Cyrus says:

    Love this! Please put some concealer or dye the lace for a more natural scalp.

  26. i'm really enjoying your videos. Thanks for making them.

  27. FuFulady1 says:

    Beautiful0!very Creative! Thanks for sharing

  28. Kandice A says:

    The twists and color combination is lovely but the general construction of the wig isn't natural. Thanks for sharing tho.

  29. AllyBee says:

    Can this be packed into a ponytail???

  30. thanks a lot for the video…..very nice

  31. Keep up with the good work and your generous heart.

  32. Thank you for this video. I had the idea but was completely lost at how to do it. God bless my African sista

  33. Hi thank you for your videos you are awesome!!!!! what is you g mail addres

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