How to get a small waist!!

How to get a small waist!!

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Hey guys,
In todays video I’m sharing some of my most important tips for ab training, specifically cinching your was it with proper breathing and form (no waist trainer needed) and making your abs pop! My beautiful model/Hourglass Workout girl Kinar will be showing form (thank you Kinar?).
We start off teaching proper Pilates breathing which I learned and improved upon as an advanced Pilates Certified Coach. Pilates is much more to me than just mat or reformer training. I use the breathing and form throughout all of my workouts, (even heavy squats etc). I credit this to my very strong core (I can do hyper extensions with 100lbs pretty easily but won’t do more this to ensure safety). Incorporating pilates and pilates breathing assists will all training.

Secondly we go into fixing form on three of my favourite exercises. Watch closely and try it with us if you can. We show form on Bosu V-ups, the Ab roller and the Russian twist.

Please let me know if you try these and how they feel. I’d love to hear back from you. If you would like to see more videos, pls leave me suggestions, I try to read all comments and respond as often as possible.

much love guys… until next week… xoxoxoxoxo


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Working out is a much needed aspect of your total weight loss plan. However, if people do not have enough willpower, they will often give up. Exercise can be interesting, fun, and something that you are drawn to. You need only look in the right places. The following advice will help you with this.

Workouts are not just about losing weight, they are about having fun. Try adding music to your workout to liven things up and make it that much more enjoyable. If you listen to your favorite tunes while working out, you will stay motivated. Music will really help get you moving and improve your workouts. By listening to music you love, you will not be focused on the workout but on the fun, infectious music.

You will find that exercise is a lot more enjoyable if you have someone to work out with you. No matter where you guys work out, take the time to catch up as well. You won’t even notice the time flying by. That’s one great thing about having friends!

Consider purchasing a workout video game. Video game workouts can really add interest to your exercise regime. When you’re caught up in what’s happening in the game, you’ll forget that you’re exercising. You will find you are motivated to exercise longer, with far more enjoyment, because your workout seems more like play.

Worrying about being seen while working out is one of the most difficult parts. Having great-looking workout clothes will help you gain a better self-image while working out. There are a lot of choices for people of all shapes and sizes. There are also tons of colors and styles. Take a few friends with you to help you pick out your new exercise clothes, as this can make it more fun and you will remember the fun when you wear them. Dressing well leads to feeling good, which results in more motivation to exercise.

Switch the order of your routines or do something entirely differently to avoid becoming bored. Different exercise routines are essential for staving off boredom. It’s vital to maintain your dedication. If you lose interest in exercise and stop, you are going to lose your momentum. That will make it hard to get started again.

Each time you successfully achieve a fitness goal, give yourself a reward. These rewards will help encourage you to continue with your plan. The rewards can be modest, like a new pair of shoes or a dessert you have been craving. No matter what the reward is, make it is something that you will look forward to acquiring and can actually obtain when the time comes. It is imperative that you retain your motivation in your quest to lose weight.

You don’t have to settle for mundane workouts that don’t excite you. If you keep a positive attitude, you’ll find plenty of ways to keep your workouts entertaining. Take a new attitude toward fitness by applying these helpful ideas.

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Associate professor of nutrition at the Univ. of Ottawa focuses her research on nutrition for athletes, athletic performance, weight management, the glycemic index, a measure of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels.


  1. I love the precise detail of your videos!

  2. Loving the idea to practice the breathing with walking!

  3. Where is her gym at?

  4. Klodi Ana says:

    You are definitely amazing girl!??????

  5. And I'm just here eating my yoghurt ??

  6. Mina Ralc says:

    Wow, so helpful. Honestly best abs video. So informative.

  7. you are amazing Lyzabeth..i try and happy that i am doing it good now!..

  8. Can you do a video on what you eat in a day for bigger booty and flat stomach. Thanks

  9. Lyza babe! You're the best! How many reps and sets do you suggest for the ab roller move and the Russian twists?

  10. kuhasi says:

    Thank you so much! I love every single video of yours!

  11. I must buy a ab roller now. I absolutely ❀ the first ab workout Lyzabeth Lopez!

  12. Nina Nam says:

    Amazing info, this is real good fitness content THANK YOU SO MUCH

  13. Eviano says:

    how to do the first exercises if I dont have that ball?:(

  14. I have been training with all your videos i have been struggling with losing belly fat i did your breathing and i just don't get the inhaling and holding! I also strugle with the engage part of the core. I tighten it like if im doing a crunch but i feel like it lets go… should i crunch harder? My body has really change thank you if you can show more abs work outs i'd love it! All my friends subscribe i love the break down and instructions you give thank you thank you! Do you do live events tour? We're are you located I would go take a class and meet you. You are truly a inspiration to women that feel like giving up it means a lot!!!!!!

  15. hold you're core more tight if you're back starts hurting. you breathe when going back in

  16. Maybe this is a good tip to practice Pilates breathing on the treadmill. I'll add incline, and just focus on the zip up breathing. Once I feel like I can increase the speed, I'll add it. Doing this made me feel like I did, what you did, walking down the block (whew!) hope this helps!

  17. Can you please do a video like this (ab/waist synching) without equipment πŸ™‚ my workout doesn't have accessories like this. Thank you so much !

  18. Olamisco says:

    I was vibrating on the bosu(mainly my core), I'd that supposed to happen ? lol

  19. This is amazing to know! ? I have watched your videos faithfully a fan.

  20. aww! you helped me alot! i knew i was doing it wrong! and i have a question maybe you can answer it.. mostly if i workout i have to yawn ,its just in my way !

  21. Please can u make a work out video for a bigger butt and flat belly without using any equipment at home. Can u do one video of both so i can do the same workout ruotines EVERYDAY. Most youtubers do different butt exercise and it makes me confused as to which exercise i should do and not to do because there are so many different workout routines. So can you please do one video of all the workout exercises for butts and belly. That way i can complete the same workout routine everyday without getting paranoid that i missed another important exercise that could potentially make my butt even bigger. ALL the butt exercises in one video PLEASE! Btw im 17 years and really want a bigger butt and small waist with flat belly.

  22. Hi Lyzabeth! I just wanted to let you know how much I love watching your videos and following you on social media. I'm a college student studying to be a nutritionist and a personal trainer and you help with my inspiration! Thank you so much for being as amazing as you are! You're so kind hearted and I aspire to be as great as a trainer as you are. Much love from Boston. <3

  23. You are in incredible shape! I have a question (please don't be offended) but have you had any work done?

  24. Nida Hasan says:

    Hi Lyzabeth!! I've just started watching your videos and they've really really inspired me ^_^ I love your personality, the word that comes to my mind when I look at you is 'genuine'– some people just act like they're cool and fun, but you're sooo genuinely pleasant and warm β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
    I do have a question though- can I use an exercise ball instead of a BOSU?

  25. Thank you for all of the detailed explanations! I got hooked on your instagram videos & am so grateful for these YouTube videos ???

  26. Omg! Your videos are so freaking awesome!! Can you pretty please make a video on "thick girls" (hour glass figure), focusing on cellulite! How to shape up the legs for woman who have their mothers bodies like me! Lmao

  27. This was a really in-depth informative vid Lyza! I train often but this is some really good info ❀️

  28. giiiirl your "zip up" has worked miracles! I am trying to do them all the, gym, cooking, walking etc… I have already notice I am getting some ab "dimples" as I call them haha love you lyzabeth, and thank you for all you do! ??? #gimmietwl #snapfam

  29. I'm definitely doing this today!!! love your videos! ❀❀

  30. I tried this and I definitely felt this is my core ? but health is wealth #gimmeTWL

  31. One of my favorite workout videos that you have done. Enjoyed how detailed you were during the breathing and ab exercises. Thank you for sharing!???

  32. Great video Lyza! People may look at me weird now as I punch myself in between sets to make sure I'm engaged. πŸ˜›

  33. great video!! #gimmeTWL – Lauren castillo (/lauren.castillo.73)
    I tried to tag you in my post but for some reason it's not linking to you

  34. Since these past 2 weeks i being using these tips to train my abs correctly and i have notice a great improvement on my core /abs…Thanks a lot..Girl.

  35. I take a HIIT class at my gym, which I adore, but I was at the ab station doing this bosu move once and it was really, seriously hurting my back. I asked the instructor (who was new) how I was supposed to do it correctly because my back hurt, and his response was "Unfortunately, ab moves always hurt your lower back. That just means it's working." …… What?! No! πŸ™ haha I don't go to his class anymore lol Happy to see the move here, because I had NO idea you weren't supposed to go up all the way.

  36. Amazing to know these tips on abs.. I was wondering on the wheel, You dont have to go all the way down, Just how you showed us on the video? Just wondering cause I go all the way down, Im not sure if thats good.. But I will do it the way you showed.. Very helpful.. Thanku.. U are an amazing women ❀ Love u Girll ? God Bless you Dearly. ?

  37. becrevans says:

    Hi Lyza! So loving your videos and that you're back on YouTube!! I am also a trainer and Holistic Nutritionist. You should know that it was actually you that inspired me to take the Holistic Nutrition program through CSNN and further my career in the fitness world. I now teach bootcamps, yoga and in the process of opening a cafe in March! I just wanted you to know how much you inspired me and how grateful I am to have come across your videos 6 years ago now. I also saw one of your Hourglass Studios last year when I was in Toronto πŸ™‚ Lots of love at ya girl xo

  38. this is so interesting and makes so much sense. I'm going to incorporate the breathing exercises.

  39. MeiMoo says:

    Could you please do an arms workout that is home and travel friendly?

  40. will this help get rid of belly fat? just started working out for the third time and I'm trying to get right for my birthday, at least a little bit, in a about a little over a month

  41. Question – during pilates breathing my ribs and lower abs/kegels do what they are supposed to, but I can't make my waist go in at all.Β  Anyone else have this issue?Β  I'd love to get a smaller waist but something is broken lol!

  42. Lyzabeth sweetie my husband and I just joined Lifetime Fitness and we love it there. Now because of you I will start using the Bosu never in my entire life have I used one and it looks easy and it will get the job done as long as I breathe and Cinch like you mentioned. Also I'm going to try out the walking a block thing breathing and cinching also because the Kegals thing I do and it feels great. The doctor told me to do Kegals when I was pregnant to help with labor and yep he was right!!!! Love u Lyza I'm binge watching again today ❀ Happy New year 2017 this is your YEAR I believe it

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