How to do a Squat and Lunge (PROPER FORM FOR WOMEN)

How to do a Squat and Lunge (PROPER FORM FOR WOMEN)

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Learn how to correctly do squats and lunges and much more

All of us women know that squats and lunges are two of the best leg exercises around for getting strong, sexy, toned legs. But did you know that if you perform your squat and lunge with incorrect form, you’re not going to get the results you’re wanting…and you put yourself at risk for injury as well?

Proper form for squats and lunges is extremely important and can help keep you safe from foot injuries, knee injuries, back injuries and more. In this video we show you how to do a perfect squat with proper form. Generally this involves making sure not to lift your heels or buckle your knees. For good squat form it’s also important to keep an appropriate curve in the back and stick out your rear.

Proper form for the perfect lunge involves bringing your knees almost all the way down to the ground and having your front leg parallel to the floor. No half lunges are allowed, and neither is swinging the weights. You must be sure to control the weight in every exercise you do, and this is especially important for leg workouts.

Join us as we show you how to squat and how to do a lunge with good form and proper alignment. It will make all the difference in the results you see rom your legs workout. With correct form, there simply don’t exist better legs exercises than squats and lunges.

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Many people are tentative about how to approach their desire to get into shape. Perhaps they do not have the necessary motivation, or do not know where to start. It’s best to have fun with it. The following tips may help you begin.

Turn up the volume when you workout. Exercising to music is the perfect motivator when you need a little kick start. You will find your body wanting to move, just by listening to the beat. Dancing appeals to us on a primal level. Let your body go! When you have fun, you will exercise better. If you let yourself get lost in the music, it might just take you away, and you will get extra exercise in that you didn’t even realize was exercise because you were having fun.

Invite a friend to join you in your workouts. It kills two birds with one stone: staying fit and having fun with your friends. Working out with a friend is a lot of fun, and it makes exercising less of a chore. You may be surprised at how fun exercise can be when you’ve got a buddy there with you.

Video game exercises are a great new way to workout and have fun. Many times you will forget that you are getting much-needed exercise since you are enjoying yourself and playing a game. It is less likely that you are will get tired or frustrated and stop your routine.

If you purchase some new workout clothes that you like, you will feel more comfortable when you are doing your workout routines. There is a large variety of workout clothing out there. You might be amazed at the wide variety of designs that are available. Sometimes, just donning that cute outfit provides enough motivation to make you go to the gym and work out.

To avoid monotony, it is a good idea to change your fitness routine on a regular basis. You can easily find yourself straying from your goals if you get bored. By keeping your exercise routines fresh and interesting, you can look at exercise as entertainment. Do this by mixing up your routines and continually seeking new methods of exercise.

Rewarding yourself is one of the best ways to keep your fitness plan exciting. Rewards do not have to wait until you have achieved your ultimate goal. Pick your rewards carefully. Try to make your reward something like a new accessory or clothing item, but try to avoid food rewards. No matter what you may decide to reward yourself with, make sure its something you are motivated towards having. The bigger your motivation, the better your results will be.

The definition of exercise does not need to include boredom. Exercise can be enjoyable, and there are many ways to accomplish this. These tips will help you start to build a more interesting, captivating fitness routine.

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  1. When doing squats, I thought your knees were not supposed to go passed your feet? Your leg is supposed to make a 90° angle. Does that matter?

  2. With walking lunge…your knee on the moving forward leg, is not at a 90degree angle, is it supposed to be or is ok for that knee to come a little forward toward the foot?

  3. with lunges, you want to keep leaned back right? should I be pushing up more with my front leg or back leg or both? thanks

  4. Extremely helpful! Thank you!

  5. Very helpful video, I'm starting my 31 day squat challenge & had no idea how to do them properly, thanks for the lesson babes!!

  6. Jess is my heroine! Thank you guys so much for these videos. I've been training with a fitness coach for over a month now but am finally starting an at-home workout regimen. These videos are so helpful…they are informative and motivational, too!!

  7. i thought youre suppose to go all the way down when doing the squats with barbell?? likka a full squat?

  8. alethia23 says:

    Thank you! Very helpful. I've always been wanting to do the barbell squats, but afraid to do the wrong form.

  9. I have seen so many people do it wrong in the gym. I do my best to help them do it the right way. 🙂

  10. my bad. I skipped the bit where you showed the correct form. Your lunges are correct.

  11. Thanks for this! I was in thr right position all along up until this month i started leaning fwd and my knees are kind of sore.

  12. Thanks May Lee! Let us know what else you'd like to see

  13. Hi @brittybear9742 – Holding onto the bars makes the work 'easier' so technically you're not getting everything out of your treadmill session that you could. It can sometimes take time to get used to the treadmill…some even feels dizzy at first. I'd definitely recommend you focus on balancing the weight evenly on both feet, making sure weight is evenly distributed throughout each foot AND focus on pulling in the abs while you walk. Instead of watching TV, use an iPod. Hope that helps!

  14. Why is it bad form to hold onto the bars on a treadmill? Or is it just bad when your back/core isn't in neutral position? I ask because I just started walking on the treadmill, after having walked outside and at parks for about a year, and i feel… loopsided?! Lol! It's weird I know but I kinda feel like I'm oscillating. I'm thinking this is just from a weak core… would you agree?

  15. May Lee says:

    Thanks for this video!

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