How to do a proper dumbbell/barbell PUSH PRESS!! (

How to do a proper dumbbell/barbell PUSH PRESS!! (

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Watch this tutorial video to learn how to properly do a barbell push press or dumbbell push press!

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Motivation is what usually keeps people from getting in shape. When you know the proper techniques, exercising can be quite enjoyable. In this article, you will find all the tips you need.

Music is a great way of spicing up your workout routine. Your favorite tunes can be powerful motivational assistants that help you power through your exercise. For many, moving to the beat of a song seems almost instinctual, and it’s also a great way to make your workouts a little more entertaining. You may just forget that you are exercising once you get into the music and start dancing.

Exercise by itself it often boring, so you need to spice it up a bit! Try to make your workout time into an opportunity to socialize. See if you can round up a bunch of friends to accompany you on a lunchtime walk or a gym workout. Friends make workouts move more quickly by giving your company and good conversation. You may have so much fun exercising with a friend that you do not notice when your time is up!

If you want to break up a boring workout regime, consider adding exercise videos. Always have a number of different videos on hand so things don’t get tedious. Music will make your workout routine easier and more exciting.

By wearing an outfit to the gym that makes you feel your best, going in there to exercise can be less overwhelming. You will then be focused on exercising instead of worrying that people are looking at your clothing. Spend some money on workout gear that fits you comfortably and that you look great in. Just be sure that it is something that you don’t feel self-conscious wearing. If you look good, you will be motivated to workout at the gym.

A boring exercise routine is a surefire way to lose motivation. Sticking with the same type of exercise could become boring and cause you to lose interest in your routine. Turn things inside out and do your routine backward. Maintaining excitement about your workouts will facilitate even greater enthusiasm. Losing interest in your workout routine, is bound to lead to thoughts of quitting. Try your best not to quit, because it is hard to get started again.

It is important to treat yourself with a reward every now and then throughout your fitness regimen as a way to keep yourself motivated. It doesn’t matter what your reward is. As long as it’s something that you love and will keep your motivation high, it is a good one. Don’t go too crazy with the rewards. Keep it modest and relatively simple; you don’t need to shower yourself with gifts each time you reach a fitness goal. It will remind you of how well you are doing and at the same time will keep you motivated.

Exercising can be interesting if you plan it out correctly. Exercise can be enjoyable, and there are many ways to accomplish this. As you begin to develop your exercise strategy, keep these helpful tips in mind.

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Associate professor of nutrition at the Univ. of Ottawa focuses her research on nutrition for athletes, athletic performance, weight management, the glycemic index, a measure of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels.


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