How to Do a Dead Lift | Boot Camp Workout

How to Do a Dead Lift | Boot Camp Workout

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Dead lifts are great if you want to work the posterior chain, meaning all the muscles of the back of your body, specifically the legs. Now when you do a dead lift what you want to think about is it’s not so much coming down and bending your knees like you would do in a squat. It’s more about hinging forward from your hip. Really important that you keep your spine straight. So come into a stance with your feet about shoulder width apart, keep your knees slightly flexed. So again it’s not about going for extreme flexion extension in your knee, but you wanna make sure you’re not hyper-extended in the knee. So just a little micro bend is good. Draw your shoulder blades together so you’re activating the upper back muscles and then hinging forward and standing back up, so flat back. What you want to look out for is that you’re not hyper-extending in your spine. And the biggest most common mistake is that people flex. This is not flexion in the spine that we’re going for. Maintain the spine in that long position and keep that position as you come forward and as you go back. It gets harder with a weight because you’re obviously adding more load which is gonna force the glutes and the hamstrings to fire up more. And it’s also harder because the weight will tend to pull you into that posture. So you need to work against the weight and pull your shoulder blades together like you would if you were doing a row. Maintain that position as you come forward and as you exhale to come back up. Inhale down, exhale up driving your heels into the ground. And again at the bottom knees are just a little bit bent. Make sure you don’t reach back and fully extend your knees. Keep your weight moving forward over the foot. And that’s a great way to work the glutes, the hamstrings, the backs of your legs.

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  1. Feet are too wide. "Weight" position is way too far forward. Ribs are flared. Nothing on lat engagement. And as stated, this is an RDL not a deadlift.

  2. AV!D says:

    We love you Scarlett!

  3. John T says:

    Best tutorial on deadlift I've seen, thanks for the tips

  4. she's describing straight leg deadlift

  5. That's a "straight"/stiff leg deadlift. Deadlifts are a complex movement with many variations that should be learned from power-lifting coaches. You will badly injure your low back if you don't build your core and learn to brace it; especially with this variation (something not covered in this video).

    Omar Isuf and Jonnie Candito are good sources on YouTube.

  6. That wasn't a normal dead lift the way she bent her lower back it was what's called a Strait leg dead lift. Which does focus more on the back of your legs and your lower back. In a normal dead lift you bend much more at the knee with your hips back and you don't lean forward like she does.

  7. Something tells me if she tried picking up a barbell she would be screwed.

  8. this is awesome. thank you

  9. Hey! This is Rachel from The Insanity Program! I love her…she's one of the tougher chicks in the video and I love her physique! I finished Insanity about 2 months ago and I would watch her alot. She was my motivation!!! LOL Great vid Rachel!

  10. alex555552 says:

    this is the best video on utube on dead lift

  11. trishdaG says:

    how much weight should you start out with?

  12. abok tam says:

    scarlett, is that you?

  13. yay learned how to make it right

  14. Well, JUST A LITTLE! 😀

  15. u r not the first -.-

  16. RamiRx7 says:

    that was very useful, thnxs for the vid 😀 i used to loose my posture because i sue heavy weights for my dead lifts….

  17. OM.OM says:

    i like her .. she is sexy in unique way

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