GROWING A BOOTY AND LEGS: Cable Edition | IGT Ep. 07

GROWING A BOOTY AND LEGS: Cable Edition | IGT Ep. 07

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Here is my full booty workout! Full workout will be below 🙂

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Full Workout:
Cable stiff-leg deadlift – 4 x 12-15 reps
Cable front squat – 4 x 12-15 reps
Cable back squat – 4 x 12-15 reps
Cable squat-walks – 4 x 15-20 reps SUPERSET w/ jump squats – 4 x 20 reps
Cable lunge- 4 x 15-20 reps (each leg) SUPERSET w/ 4-way lunge- 4 x 20 reps (each leg)
Cable kick-backs- 4 x 20 reps (each leg) SUPERSET w/ cable side-kicks- 4 x 20 reps (each leg)

Song: Jack U – Where Are U Now ft. Justin Bieber – Ember Island Cover (Cory Enemy Remix)

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  1. thanks I needed some Ideas

  2. Lexi La says:

    Amazing Set of Exercises! Thanks!

  3. Lol of course the woman with pink weights had to be right beside you when she has the entire gym for herself ? hate when that happens haha
    Anyways great exercises I'll give them a try! Specially the front cable squat! Never thought of that one x

  4. Good stuff. Even as a guy I like to explore lean out, strengthening exercises.

  5. Can the people who dislike this video actually drop a comment saying why they don't like it because I don't even understand :/

  6. booty booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere! i found you! mrs new booty!

  7. bl4ckant32 says:

    dont know why skinny girls try they'll never gain an ass

  8. Awesome workout! Definitely gonna try! ???? Xxx

  9. I bet those walking squats were killer! Gonna try these cable exercises myself! Cool variation. Get bored of barbells sometimes!

  10. Thanks for posting!  Just subscribed and liked , i just recently started my channel too if u would like to check it out ! 🙂

  11. Joe Cool says:

    Was that lady behind u wearing the same thing??? ????

  12. Much improvement from when you first started the channel

  13. I love doing cable stiff leg deadlifts!! Omg do you ever have issues with filming in the gym? I recently got told I'm not allowed to film at my gym anymore…. lol -___- so I had to find another gym

  14. booty workout looked killer girly!! cable anythinggg works so well for me too! Have a great day beautiful:) Thanks for sharing!!

  15. I just found your channel and I really like how well your videos are put together !

  16. My GOD. Human perfection. Jesus…

  17. I'm new subscriber. Great videos. ☺?

  18. Loved these moves! I used the 4 way lunge/cable lunge combo and absolutely loved it!

  19. Just found your channel and I really liked the idea of the four-way lunge in one go! I have to give that a try!!

  20. doing this workout today, can't wait!

  21. Your form is perfect!

  22. ooo I loved the variety thanks!

  23. a tone of exercises just in 1 station great work and it probably must have burn from the looks of it!

  24. MRLONDON says:

    I definitely need to work on my booty ? great video ??

  25. One day i will include a gluteus day in my split, one day

  26. I did those cable walks for the first time last week and DIED. Burns so good haha

  27. Where'd you get this song? Love it <3

  28. Thank you for this! My apartment gym only has a machine so I need videos like this

  29. Great video on cable work for legs I must add these on leg day to built up my squats and deadlifts 🙂

  30. Looking good Kristen! Can you do a talking video on weight-lifting for beginners who maybe aren't that strong and want to get stronger, either by going to the gym or doing it at home (topics like how to get started; motivation to keep doing it when it's tough, tiring, and you're sore; intimidation; lower reps with heavier weights or higher reps with lighter weights; your personal experience when you were a beginner; etc.) Thanks!

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