"Goes-with-Anything" Weeknight Curry (with Kettle & Fire)

“Goes-with-Anything” Weeknight Curry (with Kettle & Fire)

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Two posts in one 7 days?! ??? Yes. It’s Xmas Day, and I hope you’re curled up with another person special—grazing on Xmas deliciousness from a loaded goodies table—with a mug of anything scrumptious warming your fingers. I will be accomplishing this in a number of minutes, when I have completed producing this publish! But it experienced to go reside nowadays, simply because this simple weeknight curry waits for no (wo)gentleman.

The essential to this recipe’s quality, although, is improved identified as “the alternative to my bone broth guilt”. ? 

Being a healthful property-cooking blogger, I usually get concerns these as: “Dear Contemporary Planet Flavor, what’s your favorite way to make bone broth?” Which is super awkward because… the real truth is, I do not. There, I said it. I do not make my own bone broth, and I employed crappy retail outlet-purchased broth in some of my preferred recipes, these as my Easy Sunny-Side-Up Eggs in Chili Garlic Yogurt, Slow-Cooker Spiced Pork Ramen, and Wild Issue Texas Chili.

BUT prior to you abandon my site in disgust, I have a alternative. Just in between us mates. It’s Kettle & Fire, the genius, shelf-secure (!) bone broth that I employed to make this “Goes-with-Everything” Weeknight Curry and which is the curry’s secret sauce (I hate the term “secret sauce”, btw… entirely played out, but at times it’s the only descriptor that can quite convey the awesomeness). If you have no notion why a healthful recipe blogger may possibly be envisioned to have perfected bone broth, then may I introduce you to the health and fitness gains: it can enhance digestion, strengthen immunity, help detoxify the liver, enhance functionality of joints & cartilage, and advertise healthful development of bones, tooth, hair, skin and nails

So may I introduce Kettle & Fire, the easiest way to up your dietary activity by eating a bowl of curry… or any other scrumptious soup-y matter. Easy Weeknight Ramen (with Kettle & Fire) | Fresh Planet Flavor

Yes, get thrilled about alla da gains of bone broth. There is a capture, although. Bone broth’s nutrient written content depends incredibly considerably on its “provenance”. That is to say, to score the digestive and immune boosting gains bone broth can deliver you MUST to be consuming bone broth made from a healthful animal (i.e. grass-fed, pastured, or wild-caught). As a result, when Kettle & Fire came on the scene with broth made from marrow bones from pasture-raised, grass-fed cow marrow bones and organic veggies, they experienced my interest. Healthier animals, raised as they progressed to reside, generate nutritious meat, bones, and connective tissue… which breaks down into nutritious gelatin (that contains several of the critical healing nutrients). 

So! You can get Kettle & Fire bone broth on the internet, and if you’re in will need of a quickie alternative to rating pastured bone broth, then do it.

Easy Weeknight Ramen (with Kettle & Fire) | Fresh Planet Flavor

I camouflaged my lack of at-property bone broth skills when crafting this Goes-with-Anything Weeknight Curry with Kettle & Fire, and the result is a adaptable curried soup base that you can leading with whatsoever you want.
? ? ? Skillet-cooked black pepper hen (pictured beneath) is a terrific option, or seafood, or lamb/goat stew meat. This curry is also tons of pleasurable to enjoy all over with as far as veggies are concerned (see notes, at the base of the recipe) which is exactly where it will get its “Goes-with-Everything” name!


“Goes-with-Anything” Weeknight Curry



Recipe style: Primary

Serves: four


  • one tbsp ghee (also identified as clarified butter, or use coconut oil or animal excess fat of option)
  • one onion, chopped
  • three cloves garlic, peeled and minced
  • one knob of ginger, peeled and grated
  • one-2 tbsp pink curry paste
  • 2 tsp turmeric
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and approximately chopped
  • one cup coconut milk
  • 2½ cups Kettle & Fire broth
  • Chili flakes (optional)


  1. Heat the ghee in a massive pot above medium heat. Add the onion, garlic, and ginger, and stir fry for a number of minutes right up until aromatic. Do not permit the garlic burn or brown.
  2. Add the curry paste, turmeric, and salt. Stir fry for one more number of minutes.
  3. Add the sweet potatoes, 2 cups of broth, and the coconut milk. Simmer right up until the sweet potatoes are smooth.
  4. Allow for to amazing a bit, then transfer to a blender and puree right up until sleek and silky. The soup ought to be wealthy and thick so that it coats the again of a spoon. Add in extra water or broth (I employed ½ cup extra) to slender out the soup as desired. Flavor and include extra salt if wished-for, or chili flakes (optional).
  5. Complete with toppings, see beneath for tips.


Toppings: peas, eco-friendly onions, chives, cilantro, basil, pink or eco-friendly cabbage, asparagus, baby kale or spinach or mustard greens, shredded carrots, zucchini noodles (zoodles), bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, snap peas, bean sprouts… the checklist goes on!


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Dr. William W. Tong
Dr. William W. Tong
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