Dumbbell lunges and Jefferson squats demonstrations

Dumbbell lunges and Jefferson squats demonstrations

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How to do Jefferson Squats (or deadlift)
Taken from: http://deansomerset.com/best-exercise-in-ever-jefferson-deadlift/

The cool thing about a Jefferson deadlift is because it’s a fairly awkward lift, everyone will have a slightly different way of approaching it, which means picking it apart isn’t very effective. The basics are as follows:

1. Straddle the bar
2. Grab the bar
3. Stand up with the bar
4. Fist pump (lol)
More specifically, make sure your spine remains relatively linear so you aren’t rounding or seriously deviating away from a neutral position as much as possible. Last, make sure your knees don’t lock out before your hips get through the movement, otherwise you’ll be doing a really awkward good morning with nothing but your hips hopefully working overtime to make sure your back isn’t about to spit out your spleen across the room.

Try out with the left leg forward, the right leg forward, different grips, and see what works best for you. Work with higher reps, lower reps, heavy weight, lighter weight, and everything in between to get the full benefit of this and any other compound lift.

* Note from Carib Spice: lighter weight might be best as it gives you more controlled range of motion. You get the most out of this exercise by focusing on proper form.

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Hope you enjoyed Dumbbell lunges and Jefferson squats demonstrations.

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  1. Aimstone says:

    like that legs workout!! just sobbed!! =)

  2. Great choice of leg workouts, love your channel x

  3. How did the Jefferson squats work out? Have you seen a big difference by incorporating then? It looks like they really work your glutes!

  4. New subbie.. I feel embarrassed to do the Jefferson squat at the gym. I want to do it.

  5. jose lara says:

    it seems like a pretty good leg workout. how many times a week should I hit legs?

  6. Greeeaaaat physix, veri good

  7. Those jeffersons are a killer, did them over my prep for my show. Really feel like they brought in my hamstrings very while, its just a difficult movement to get correctly. 

  8. sorry i had to be the one cause ther is always one perv in the group but that work out was hot and sexy

  9. Home girl I just started to do the Jefferson Squats I like the way they feel great video very informative.LADIES LIFT 2

  10. iTzDark740 says:

    I may have to incorporate this for my clients. It looks very effective. Great job!

  11. Damn Jefferson squats is an old school exercise, but it's so good. I tried it once and you definitely cannot go heavy on it, glutes killed me the next day lol. You don't see ppl doing it though. Also not sure if it's the camera angles, but you're looking a lot more muscular in this vid, not in a bad way of course 🙂

  12. Legs must be done! Nice work!

  13. Man does any exercise burn more than lunges??? If so I haven't found it yet! 

  14. Hi Carib you are really sharing some great work outs I have not really worked with weights my main exercise is cardio based but as you get older I believe toning is more important?  hugs xxxx

  15. People with short arms plz dont try this as it will bring you to tears with every rep! nice vid spice you go girl x

  16. I can't wait for leg day, I'v been focusing on my glutes a lot. Lunges are tough but it does work

  17. Nice exercise 🙂 in german its : Ausfallschritte hehe

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