(3 Scientifically Proven Method) To Pick A Diet That Works For Women Like You

[3 Scientifically Proven Method] To Pick A Diet That Works For Women Like You

diet that work for women
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If you willing to trade your 5 min for a simple quest which would help you to lose 20 pounds, then this post is for you

There are more than ten thousands of weight loss blogs and each of them tells people different tips, guides or tricks to lose pounds, and large part of these tips are conflicting. If these blogs are mean to be good why these tips are conflicting?

There are no perfect guide that applies to everyone, but there do have a weight loss guide that is perfect for you. Before we dive in, let’s crack some of the weight loss myth.


1) Does slow metabolic means weight gain?

Quick question, after you lost 20 pounds, your metabolic should go up or goes down?
Many “professional diet experts,” says, if you want to lose weight you need to boost your metabolic, well there are 100+ OLD research show after you slim down your metabolic will go DOWN. Why? Think like this you used to drive a big car, which needs more gasoline to run. Now, you are driving the small car needs much less gas to run. Same to your body.


2) All obesity cause by gene?

Blame all fault to one single reason is the easiest way to feel better, not all obesity caused by the gene. God make you have fat genes mean you have no choice to be obesity. Science already proof thousand times that people with fat genes can still be slim. The key is your habits, in fact almost all factor that causes obesity direct relate to your habits.


3) High protein low GI food is good for dieters?

There is no perfect diet for everyone, the idea of eating high protein low GI foods is to make your satiety last longer. High protein low GI foods can only work with one type of obesity- the feasters. How you solve a problem? The first step, figure out what’s wrong. Knowing why to cause your obesity is more important than choosing a diet plan.


Do you have fat genes?

Or Can your gut produce GLP-1 hormones? To pick your perfect diet you must know what cause you been overweight, our collages Susan Jebb is Professor of Weight Management and Population Health in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford, who hosted a large experiment trying to figure what cause people overweight and what kind of diet they should choose. Dr. Jebb’s experiment is wildly success they have helped the 121 testers lost 2,541 pounds in 3 month.

On a seminar at Landon after few cups of fine wine, Dr. Jebb authorize me to use the questionnaire to help people like you to identify your fat factor. The qestionnaire wouldn’t take you hours but 5 mins, find a pen and write your answer down.


Fat Factor Questionnaire

What’s Your BMI

Do you need to lose weight? Figure your Body Mass Index first to check that you do. Then with the test to see which diet could be right for you.

Click Here to Caculate your BMI, if your BMI is under 25, then you don’t need any plan maybe just try to sleep early.


When you’re having a meal with friends, do they all seem to get full before you, even when you’re eating the same serve?







lemonade diet work

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Stress Eater

Just like the words means, stress eater can’t help them self to intake foods when psychological pressures such as sadness, stressed or depressed. Stress eater loves high calorie and high sugar foods, and that’s cause by stress eater’s brain. While they feel down, stressed or depressed their brain needs compensation, compensation comes in many forms eating is one.

Catastrophic thinking is a significant feature of the stress eater. Let’s say a plan is a bottle of water, breaking a rule equals to a hole on the bottle, and stress eater wouldn’t stop the leaking water instead they make the water pour. So, losing weight for stress eater isn’t easy, they are not just unable to stick to the plan after they break a rule stress eater would eat double or triple to compensation them self.

diet plans that works

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The Feaster

These people may also know as Gannet, who eats a lot and frequently feels hungry. Once you start eating you it’s hard to stop. It takes more food for you to experience the same sense of fullness as most other people, so you eat more than your body actually needs.

The reason they seem never feel full is their gut unable to generate GLP-1 hormones to tell their brain “I’m full,“ so once they start to eat it’s hard to make them stop. Feasters might have the higher chance to lose few more pounds compare to the other types.

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Fat Gene

You have a very strong biological drive to eat, the scientist has located several fat genes, and these genes will keep sending “pile the fat up“ message to the brain, result in behavior: keep eating. You may have a large number of the genes related to obesity risk.

People with fat genes doesn’t seem to have a big appetite during the meal time, in fact, they might have some snacks few minutes before meals. Losing weight for people who have fat genes takes determination and effort.

For Stress Eater

If you live alone, do more than getting a dog like join a weight loss support group. You are a sensitive and sentimental person, and you can’t change who you are, but you gain support from others, which helps you to stick to the right path.
You can just google the weight loss support group near you or join an online weight loss support group. With a low-calorie eating plan, this will target the root causes of your over-snacking, and you can learn the ways of dealing with emotional problems without running to food.

You should never eat high fat, high sugar, high calories foods, but might still need some foods to compensation your brain, choose low fat, low sugar, low calories and high fiber snacks, like nuts, beans, tofu and etc.

We’ve list few diet plans which meets your nutrition need and have an active online support group.


The 3 week diet

The 3 week diet is essentially a blend of distinct diets which are chained together into distinct periods. The diet begins with a detox period, then an elective fasting period followed by two distinct low carb stages.

The reason of “3 week” is base on a habit forming research, if you can keep a action for 21 days then the action is highly possible become a habit. This plan is also known of their support group which could be a big help for you.


The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor Diet was devised by diet and fitness specialist John Barban, this plan is especially for girls that are looking to reduce weight and generally have been on the diet treadmill for years with no long term success.

In this plan there has nothing to do with foolish exercise machines, cardio, prohibitive or pre packaged diets, but focus on group support.

For Feaster

You should consider yourself a lucky person, cause all you need to do is make yourself feel satiety. If you don’t want dramatically change your lifestyle, tips you already know for you- eat slower. Try to having a burger and spend no less than 30 mins by using knife and fork, and you will be amazed a burger would become a meal no longer a snack. Just by eating slower you can make your satiety 3 times longer than your normal eating speed.

You should avoid having high fat, high sugar, high calories foods, instead of high protein, low GI foods like nuts, lean meats, fish, and vegetables. This food can make your satiety last longer. You may find that a nutrition plan that’s high protein coupled with the correct kind of low GI carbohydrates will increase your feeling of fullness and help keep your appetite under control, making it easier to diet.

We’ve list few diet plans for feasters,


Fat Diminisher

Fat Diminisher is an all-inclusive plan summarizing some strong techniques to allow you to meet your weight reduction goals. It summarizes a list of things to remove thus the weight loss plans is powerful and stuff to contain.

This system, by Wesley Virgin functions as a long term option to dieters seeking the finest means to lose a few extra pounds and keep it like that. This system is recommended for those looking for results that are more long-lasting. People who stay true to the system and follow can just attain the desirable outcomes. It consists of both a food diet and routine exercise.


The Fat Burning Kitchen

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a healthful eating e book about altering your diet to motivate your body to burn fat. Because of this, Catherine and Mike joined together to help everyone to reach the best general well-being.

The aim of the publication will be to help individuals transform their diets by cutting out foods that can construct fat and cause serious disorder. It describes the most significant principle you must understand regarding the best way to eat for great health and a trim body.

Pinterest Stxtreme-fat-loss-dietress Eater really effective diets

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a diet plan created by Joel Marion. The diet plan asserts which you can lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days. The diet plan uses 5-day cycles which you repeat 5 times (total of 25 days) for you to attain your weight loss. This diet plan is a blend of exercise and diet.

This diet plan is extreme in you will be entirely altering your diet and exercise routine for the 25 days, as the name implies, and it’s also recommended that you wait for at least 4 weeks before you duplicate the plan again.

For Fat Genes

It seems God wants you to have a strong will, which you will need during the body size war. Every time you lost some weight your leptin start to goes up to fight your effort back, your body will try to keep as many as fat in your body. The key to losing weight for you is lower your leptin and raise your ketone.

Intermediate diet is a good way to raise your ketone, during the low intake days your body will increase ketone and lower leptin, every time you feel hungry that also means your fat is burning!
It’s hard to fight against hunger or appetite, try to think this way- see that KFC billboard? The juicy chicken calling your name, you need it, right? Guess who need more than you do? KFC, the company, needs you to buy so that they can survive. KFC wants you to but not you want to buy.

Try not to have starch and fruit, yes fruit and of course high fat, high sugar, high calories foods. Try to intake more protein and vegetables, if you want to double effort at the low intake day try to have these- kale, shrimp, nuts.

We’ve list few diet plans for you,

eat stop eat review

Eat Stop Eat

Weightloss expert Brad Pilon based his strategy “Eat Stop Eat” on the theory of occasional fasting, which focuses on when you eat rather than the kinds of foods you contain or limit. Based on Pilon, who has a history in the sports supplement industry and nourishment, scientific evidence suggests that short, routine fasts encourage weight loss and retention of muscle than diets that eliminate specific foods or cut on your amount of daily calories.

As a bonus, occasional fasting may lower your risk of chronic diseases. Pilon’s strategy includes fasting up to two times weekly, and it will not require you to give up any particular food group. This kind of regimen does have drawbacks and may not be for everyone.


The Half Day Diet

The Half Day Diet is more than merely a weight loss diet strategy that is normal. It’s the culmination of over 15 years of testing, studying, evaluating, and always refining in order to find what works in the real world – not merely for the genetically elite, but also for an average individual.

Based on the novels name you might believe that one can slim down by just dieting half the day. But that’s not actually how it works. It’s more about eating a low-carb diet half of your day and appreciating all the carb-rich food while you still need to stay on your own daily calorie number you love at nighttime.

Final Words

You might lose more than 7 pounds at the first week, don’t think that’s a sign of the diet is working. The first week you lost is water of your body, while you start to follow the diet your body still craving sugar and fat which you can’t eat. So, your body start to use body’s storage, consume all the stocked carbohydrate and fat, the by-product is water.

At week 3, you’ll start to hitting walls. It’s totally normal, and it means your body function is working just fine. After your body clean out storage, the size war officially starts. But many people quite at week 3, cause they think the diet isn’t working anymore. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s yo-yo diet.
Here’re easy tips for you to keep on, never go to market under lack of sleep situation. You might shop for a week needs after back to your place, and that’s the only foods you can eat. Under the sleepy situation, you tend to buy high sugar, high fat, and high calories foods.

At week 8, your body will active defense function. Your weight would freeze, or worse gain few pounds. That means your body is trying to find a new way to process your new eating habit, and it’s a sign of your diet is working, the meanwhile, your metabolic is going down. If you are trying to keep your weight loss speed, then you have to reduce your daily intake or do some exercise. Or you can just stick to the plan, and your body will work it out.

After week 8, everything would be better. You should get used to the new eating habit by now, just remember sometimes you have to break one or two dieting rules, always get yourself back on the right track. Save and share this article, every time you run into the wall read it again, you’ll get through it.

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Dr. Louis Muraoka
Dr. Louis Muraoka
Registered dietitian, author, lecturer, and diabetes educator, specializes in diabetes nutrition. He has advised the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association on nutrition recommendations.


  1. jcroad says:

    This still would seem a ‘perscribed’ diet with me. Giving up foods you like, vino, chocolate, biscuits appears as being a diet not a way of life in my experience. You can’t lose weight by working out either, in fact excess activity makes you hungrier. The trick is always to getting your body used to consuming only when it’s hungry and simply stopping eating when it is must not. Waiting a period between biscuits could be a good idea Perhaps, giving your body the perfect digest the food and speak, ‘actually I don’t want another biscuit, I’m already full now. Everybody is different and yet I find the easiest time to want to eat more may be the evening, so going to visit a film is a great excuse because of not overeating, as is meeting plan friends, as I tend to be more enthusiastic about the conversation than taking in anything – talking suffering from food in mouth isn’t necessarily a good look.

  2. philipl says:

    The old saying for this little of what you like ıs not going to hurt you is suitable. What’s the point of reducing your weight only to be miserable. The right manner in everything and around 30 minutes of exercise with an amount sets given to you using a good trainer. Ffit and Happy and the weight will come off and stay off. You are going to look good and feel good. I am aware as I struggled with excess weight challenges for years and this is an only thing that works cousin.

  3. Maria Taber says:

    Focus on resistance training and reducing sugar in your diet if you need to find the best results in real weight loss results (which is no more than double pounds per week). You should eat good carbs (needed for fat burning) and divide your food intake for you to 6 small meals, in an attempt to maintain frequent blood sugar levels and as well , if you need a well designed regime (u will need it those who are lazy like me: p) shoot for E factor diet get going, most people keep mentioning this manual.

  4. Nobby says:

    Less carbs and more exercises. Why we have to read such large numbers of books, buy all sorts of dear health foods and personal overall fitness trainers is beyond had. As for most people who think not having all these foods causes an unhappy life don’t appreciate simply how much happier you feel when you are blend with. But perhaps the best thing you can also if you wish to lose some weight will throw away the scales. Worrying over whether you’ve fulfilled or lost 2 weight just messes with your lead – you’ll know associated with whether you’re getting in shape.

  5. Jake Segundo says:

    yup, did the same basically a few weeks after I turned 50 (almost 2 years ago now) u weighed 107 kg. I am back at 75 kg Now, about the same weight I had located on 25. I quit beer/alcohol and cut down on rice hcg diet plan potatoes to ensure that a typical eating is chicken filet and so salad. At this age we effortlessly don’t burn as much because of this we’ll never be able to try to eat as we did before. We have to re-condition ourselves just. But now that I lost 33 kg (at about only one pound a week) I have found great again and I customer satisfaction comfortable with the fact that the lifestyle evolve is necessarily permanent. Modesty is what it’s all about.

  6. WhiteSkye says:

    What Lowri Turner has done is admitted to herself that she has certain dealt and weaknesses with them. If a chocolate cannot be eaten by her biscuit without eating the whole box, then she does not eat biscuits just. Not so sure all-around giving up eating out though, them will depend on what you are placing your order for. If eating out is a signal to scan the order and menu the most calorific food on there, it is a nagging problem. Personally, while entertaining for a working job over more than a decade, I was stick thin or seeing as someone described me, “A racing snake”. It is so simple to choose dishes that may not pile the pounds found on. Grilled fish, steak and salad and a couple of potatoes just, won’t pudding though, but cheese sometimes. Size 12 is large for someone only 5ft so good for her rather. The strange thing is always that I have read, (no reference), that there are more most people suffering from obesity in the global world than from hunger. Look at the films and pics from years ago and as a general rule, most of the people ended up being bone thin and it is normal to consume food built from fresh ingredients and not unseen sugar or extra fat. Write-up don’t buy that most people walked everywhere. They you then had cars or passed public transport. Before that carriage and horse. It definitely what most people are applying their mouths that is actually the cause of the obesity outbreak and the fact that many persons eat all day.

  7. Anaussieinswitzerland says:

    “small frequent meals – five or maybe six a day. I feed on cleanly – lean complex carbs, vegetables and protein. My indulgence is candy. I daily exercise, running for 45 minutes to an full hour. I don’t take in. “

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