Complete Shoulder Workout | Grow and Define Your Shoulders

Complete Shoulder Workout | Grow and Define Your Shoulders

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FIT FOR THE NEW YEAR | Grow, shape and define your shoulders complete workout. I hope you enjoy, xo.

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Tri-set | 4 sets
10 front rotating shoulder press
10 reverse grip shoulder press
10 shoulder press

Superset | 4 sets
10 straight arm rear delt front cable raise (seated)
10 straight arm cable front raise

Superset | 4 sets
10 single-arm cross body cable upright row
10 single-arm cable lateral raise
*repeat on each arm

Tri-set | 3 sets
10 single-arm DB lateral raise at an angle
10 single-arm DB front shoulder press
10 reverse grib barbell front raise

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  1. Emma Jenna says:

    Girrrl your workout routine is so hard to remember lol

  2. GIRL! This killed my shoulders! I needed a change in my shoulder routine. So thank you

  3. Where did u get your dainty gemstone necklace whitttttt???!!!!!!! Thank you so much 😊😂❤️😘

  4. Mariah Lee says:

    How did I end up on a 6 month old video, you may ask? Literally every time I need workout ideas or motivation, I come to YouTube and search for "Whitney Simmons [body part of the day]" so today was "Whitney Simmons shoulders," and I'm about to DESTROY my delts with this. Thanks Whit!

  5. Whit, you are my pre-work out. I'm not even kidding, anytime I need some motivation or even when I didn't initially think I needed any energy boost, I get so incredibly hyped and energetic from watching you!! Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put in these videos and for being such a beautiful person!❤️

  6. whitney, can you please do a work out that targets your love handles!

  7. You make it look so easy !!! Lol I went into the gym and did this and girl my arms are capital D E A D!!! trying to get on your level

  8. I did this workout and I almost DIED…feel like my shoulders have never been worked out in life lol

  9. How do I know what weight to start lifting at?

  10. This is the second video of yours i've watched and honestly you're amazing! i did your glutes workout without that you did with nikki blackletter and omg girlll my glutes were burning the next day! keep up the good work, gonna start making my way through all your vids now! x

  11. Quick question, sometimes when I do the Shoulder press I feel my triceps… Is this normal? Or should I change my form?

  12. Did anyone else notice that the music sounds a bit like a techno Irish jig? 😂

  13. Dearest Whitney,

    I love/hate you lol, this workout was intense!!!!!!! I also did 30 shoulder shrugs. I love your workouts! I always screenshot your workouts before I hit the gym. This is my 2nd week in, and once I can see results I will show you a before and after 🙂

  14. Shoulders are dead thanks Whit 😉

  15. Joy DuPont says:

    This is an odd thing to notice, but I really appreciate that you actually look like you're working out in your videos.

  16. I just did this shoulder workout and my goodness gracious I can't even lift my arms past my sides it's ridiculous but so amazing 😻😻

  17. This looks suuuuuper intense my shoulders hurt just watching… challenge excepted tho lol

  18. Thank you for destroying my shoulders today! Love this workout!

  19. Roy Sh says:

    Love all your workout videos you're so beautiful and such an inspiration Whitney❤️❤️❤️ I'm a BIG FAN, you inspired me to get back to my fitness! Been trying to focus now on my arms and shoulders, how many times per week should I do this workout and other arms and shoulders workout please?

  20. love you whit, i spend my lunch with you, my nights and every day with you 💓

  21. Wendy Reid says:

    love you so much….. back! wow…I love these shoulder workouts. you are the bomb… girly.

  22. I've been looking everywhere for a killer shoulder workout. I love this one!!! Can't wait to try it out🔥💕 THANK YOUUUUU! U DA BESTTT

  23. Emily Bell says:

    Oh girl! I was demolished after that workout! Just got done and my arms feel amazeballs!

  24. WhitneyE says:

    Killer workout. I just finished it and I think it's one of my favs. (P.s. I just found you a little over a week ago, and I'm LOVING all of your workouts. Thank you!)

  25. have you ever had poping or pain in the shoulder and what to do for it

  26. Ida Perez says:

    what do you mean grown your shoulders?

  27. morgxx7 says:

    This looks like death 😃

  28. HomeGirl my shoulders were on fire 🔥, I loved it ❤️🤗

  29. My new fave muscle group to work out!! Thanks to yooooou❤

  30. girl…I don't know what to say. I am so happy I found your channel! you are fantastic and I love everything you're about!

  31. How often do you train your shoulder??:")
    Love your workout videos they're so motivating!!!xoxo

  32. I thought it was going to be a nice and easy exercise… boy was I wrong.

  33. This is the video I consistently refer back to when I train shoulders!💪🏽

  34. S Pieces says:

    Whit do you do rotator cuff exercises? I've been training shoulders and have pain in my left shoulder 🙁

  35. nene4877 says:

    Just finished this shoulder workout on my lunch break. O.M.G. Girl, gurrrlll. You were not freakin kidding when you said that first tri set was killa. My. Shoulders. Are. Smashed! And I love it! Thank you for your videos. You are amazing 😉

  36. please do a dumbbell only shoulder workout

  37. Somehow I missed this upload. Awesome workout. I decided to use 10lbs in the first tri-set, cause ya know, I'm going to do it like Whit did.💁And I was immediately filled with regret😅😂 My shoulders were screaming and it was only the first workout! Thank ya girl, Shoulder boulder coming soon! 💪🏼

  38. great workout whit i loved doing these today

  39. omg obsessed with you. cant wait to hit shoulders tonight

  40. I did this yesterday.. BEST shoulder workout ever 💪🏻

  41. April Cox says:

    You're awesome Whitney!! I learn so much and I always enjoy your videos, they are never boring! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  42. W Bzyczek says:

    Really like ur videos. They r helping me a lot in the gym. Thanks girl

  43. Brooke D says:

    Been feeling bored with my workouts lately at the gym and your workouts have totally fixed that! Keep doing you girl, you're awesome!

  44. uh ohh🙌 look what just got added to my workout tonight lol

  45. Whitneyyyy I never comment on videos but I feel the need to on this one! Your personality is infectious and the workouts have me pumped to try new things at the gym! This workout made my shoulder HOT FIRE FLAMES. SO GOOD. xoxoxo

  46. Oh my goodness. I completed this workout yesterday and let me tell you, I am feeling this today in areas I have never felt before. The most effective workout I've done so far !! LOVE!

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