Como fazer a posição Teaser

Como fazer a posição Teaser

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Olá pessoal, tudo bem? Só para explicar pra vocês qual a melhor maneira de aprender a posição Teaser. Espero que gostem. Abaixo os links dos vídeos!

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Instagram: delineartethais

Pilates Solo 1:
Pilates Solo 2:
Pilates Solo 3:
Pilates CHAIR:
Exercícios em cordas:
Pilates Reformer:
PIlates Cadilac:
Exercícios para adutores:
Dores na lombar:
Magic Circle:
As molas:
Pilates e a faixa elástica:
Pilates em casa:
Vale a pena abrir estúdio:
Pilates para bumbum:

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A Simple But Effective Way To Lose Belly Fat After 30, 40, 50 ,60

Failure to get in shape is not the result of doing an exercise inappropriately. Most people hold back because they do not have the thirst for knowledge, or drive to follow things through. The solution is to make it fun and these ideas can assist you in getting started.

Music is helpful to listen to while working out. Your body will not be able to resist the rhythm of the music. Many people find that this response comes naturally. When you feel as though you’re dancing to a great song rather than exercising, your workouts will be much more entertaining. You don’t even realize how tired you are from the workout because you are getting so much enjoyment out of “dancing.” Music is an excellent way to increase your workout time without even realizing you are exercising.

Meet up with your friends for some fun workouts. Not only will you stay connected with your friends, but you will also benefit by staying fit. When you workout alongside companions, exercise can be much more entertaining. You will find it pleasantly surprising how much fun it can be to find friends you enjoy working out with.

You should incorporate workout video games into your exercise regimen. The games make exercise seem like play and create a sense of fun and enjoyment. When your attention is more focused on the fun aspect of something, you will stick with it longer. That’s why it’s important to keep exercise fun, because you won’t be as aware of your body becoming fatigued. This will allow you to keep with it for a longer period of time.

Clothing has a lot do with your motivation, if you have athletic clothing on you will feel the need to fit the part. Putting on your workout clothes can get you in the proper mindset and help focus you on your exercise goals. You may have to pay a higher price for specialized exercise garments, but the wide range of available options is sure to facilitate more comfortable workouts.

Prevent yourself from falling into a rut caused by completing the same routine on a daily basis. If you become bored or you don’t see the exercise as being fun any more, then you will be more prone to quit. If you keep switching things up, you will not get bored as easily. Switch up the music that you play, or try out different styles of exercise. Look for new and interesting workouts all the time.

Reward yourself for meeting weight loss goals. Do not wait until you reach your ultimate goal to reward yourself. Pick your rewards with care. Make a list of things you enjoy and want, such as a new fashion accessory, a fun aerobics or yoga video, or maybe even a little slice of cheesecake! No matter what you may decide to reward yourself with, make sure its something you are motivated towards having. The higher your motivation levels, the more success you will gain.

While you have to do chores everyday, working out should not be one of them. There are many ways to develop exercise routines that are engaging and fun. The information you’ve read will help make exercising less tedious and more enjoyable for you.

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Dr. Mary Lee Vance
Dr. Mary Lee Vance
specializes in diet and weight management. He is associate professor of health, behavior, and society at the JHKs Bloomberg School of Public Health, with joint appointments in medicine and human nutrition.


  1. Amo os seus vídeos!! Você já gravou algum para gestantes? ^^ Beijos!!

  2. Amo os seus vídeos! 🙂

  3. Olá Thaís, quais alongamentos você sugere para quem ta muito travado?

  4. Thaís, você ensina muito bem. Obrigada, viu? Pra começar, precisa alongar?

  5. kkkk treme igual cadeira de massagear kkkkk ,  tenho que alongar os isquios kkkkkk

  6. Thais faz um video p gnt sobrecomandos verbais q vc uSá? Como vc orienta seus alunos
    Ex : posição de table top. Cabeça flutuante. Asa de anjo. Flexiona a perna. Ombro p traz etc etc
    Bjs ;*

  7. Juro q qd conseguir, vou postar p vc Thais, acho lindo!!

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