Booty Building Tip: Stop Doing Donkey Kickbacks Unless You Do This...| Donkey Kickbacks Tutorial

Booty Building Tip: Stop Doing Donkey Kickbacks Unless You Do This…| Donkey Kickbacks Tutorial

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A Simple But Effective Plan To Lose Weight After 30, 40, 50 ,60

Most folks do not set goals when losing weight because they don’t have the knowledge they need to be motivated. There are many ways available to make exercise enjoyable. These tips will help you get started.

While you’re exercising you should blast the volume on your mp3 player. Research has proven that you can get a better workout when listening to music because you forget your tiredness. Have upbeat dance songs that you can use to give you energy. A good music tempo will automatically encourage your body to move along to the beat. This is an effective way to ensure you have a good pace throughout the whole workout. Time will go by faster if you sing along to the music.

Buddying up while exercising is a great way to stay motivated and get in shape. When you exercise, talk to your friends. This will direct your attention to the conversation, and away from the clock. Having a friend work out with you can be an exciting time.

Take advantage of one of the cool new video-game workouts available. Video games can keep your mind off of the fatigue that can build up during exercise. When you concentrate on the game, your body will be the last thing on your mind. When you are distracted, you do not feel as tired and are free to keep on working out.

When starting on your fitness plan, the first thing you should do is to update your workout wardrobe with something that makes you feel attractive. If all your workout clothes are old, it is going to discourage you from working out. When your exercise clothes are fun, comfortable and suitable for your shape, you will be happy to wear them, and you will have more fun exercising.

If your exercise routine is monotonous you will get bored quickly. If your habitual exercise routine has become boring, it is likely to lead to neglect rather than success. Change your exercise routines monthly or even weekly; this prevents boredom from setting in and always leaves the door open for exciting new possibilities and interests. If you are kept captivated by your routines, you will stay motivated longer. Losing interest in your workout routine, is bound to lead to thoughts of quitting. Quit now and you may never get started again.

Give yourself a reward every so often as a way to reward yourself and stay on track. Your reward to yourself should be something that will keep your motivation levels high. It should be something you look forward to, such as a day at the spa, a massage or even a nice, healthy dinner out with friends. It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a lot. Find something to remind you of how much you have already achieved and to keep you motivated to continue on your journey to better fitness levels!

Take the work out of the word “workout” by thinking of it as a fun thing to do. The secret to keeping fit is having fun while doing it, and this article will help you do just that.

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Associate professor of nutrition at the Univ. of Ottawa focuses her research on nutrition for athletes, athletic performance, weight management, the glycemic index, a measure of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels.


  1. Tee Jay says:

    You are hilarious

  2. Seol Lee says:

    Lol when he shouted hiya!

  3. Don't mention money when your doing your videos because it doesn't sounds good. It sounds and looks boastful and on attracting. Love your videos tho. Been watching you for three years now. Love them. Hey Denese!

  4. how many reps of each?

  5. You totally crack me up! luv the video

  6. J Comet says:

    Just ordered the ankle cuffs couple days ago and now I have them. Hellllooooooo kick backs!

  7. booty workouts are not just for women its crazy how many men you see at the gym with big muscular arms and a flat ass. its about having a nice shape and looking great in your clothing. good tutorial though.

  8. I loved this segment and it would be a great addition for beginners to your regular vlogs. Very very helpful

  9. I fuxking love your energy!! Lol
    Hold a booty boot camp at your gym man ! ?????

  10. What size them joggers you got on

  11. So glad you did this tutorial!

  12. my man said betty Crocker Lmao I'm dead

  13. Thanks for explaining to people because I see people working hard but not training smart

  14. those are some fresh kicks! are they Nike metcons??

  15. No click bait thumbnail here! Thumbnail booty matches video booty!(no homo) 🙂

  16. What shoes are those?

  17. @PumpChasers you ankle cuffs are sold out !!???

  18. SIMPLYME! says:

    Thank you for this .. as you know you have a lot of female viewers, myself included and I'm always waiting for ur workout advice for us ladies …

  19. NahyehBro says:

    heeyaaahhhh lol I'm guna do that every rep lmfao

  20. "…I don't want no big ass booty." lol always comin hard with the informative info & the laughs

  21. These videos are a life saver . Specially while doing cardio , thanks ?? Chris !!

  22. xomiggy says:

    hiyahhhh!!!! gotta say it or it don't count in the gym lol

  23. Mea Me says:

    Hey Chris.. im interested in your booty bootcamp program. Do you know when it will be available and can i use that along with your 12 week program for women?

  24. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyah lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  25. I use to always think when these women are using the pullup/dip machine, are they really doing anything and now I know. A lot of them do these exercises to make themselves feel "innovative" because they're using the machine in an unintended way. Truth is they'd be better off just using the ACTUAL glute machine or doings squats, lunges and deadlifts shrugs

  26. bella says:

    Heeeyaaaah! ?

  27. Thanks for the resistance tip

  28. Great video brah! Rep for the ladies #oneswolegeneration

  29. Darryl NYG says:

    My man Chris Jones, keep the workout videos coming bruh.

  30. Subscribe and see a 395lb bench!!

  31. Can anybody whose tried both brands of Chris's preworkout tell me which they prefer and why

  32. Heeeeeyahhhh!!!!!

  33. hey chris! I dont do kickbacks yet I train legs hahaha. would lime to know your opinion of fitness cereals for lean bulking. Regards from Chile!

  34. Jclarissat says:

    Liked for the "Heee Yah" @9:00

  35. Body weight kick backs can be very effective. I think the issue with some clients is that they see someone with developed glutes already (IG models) and get caught up with what others are doing instead of finding out what works for them…
    Good tips though ????

  36. Alex alex says:

    Great tips , Simply think about it a bit and it simply make sense !! Logical

  37. funny ? as shit Lmao. ???????

  38. avin r says:

    the planet fitness I go to has a bunch of those glute machines. I've never tried them but I will now!!

  39. avin r says:

    FINALLY some glute exercise videos.. there's so few of these on YouTube.

  40. Alex alex says:

    What tha fuck I been Unsubscribe but I didn'T ??

  41. joe1015 says:

    yo, them Leg straps, Let me get thirty of dem b*tches !

  42. Thanks again for explaining things and also thinking about the females that watch you!

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