Black Lentil & Vegetable Bolognese

Black Lentil & Vegetable Bolognese

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Pavarotti&#8217s &#8220Nessun Dorma&#8221 (none shall rest) is blasting on repeat in my headphones. But it&#8217s the opposite situation over right here. All the kids are finally asleep and even though Luise is taking care of the dishes, I&#8217m attempting to channel my inner Italian so we can publish this recipe just before one more yr has passed. We wrote our final blog post in Copenhagen and this 1 is brought to you from a residence we are borrowing, on the slope of the Table Mountains in Cape Town, South Africa. If we hold this trend of travelling south for every new weblog publish, we will be writing the following 1 from Antarctica.

It feels a tiny weird writing about these comforting and wintery pasta bowls from right here, but I&#8217m trusting that Pavarotti will support me with that. It&#8217s summer season in South Africa, we&#8217ve received lemon trees expanding in the backyard, there is a modest pool, a cute kitchen and Elsa and Isac are keeping occupied by throwing grapes at each other in some variety of in no way-ending grape war. In short, we are very happy and grateful to invest a month here. Apart from the youngsters&#8217s fights, the scene is vastly different from two weeks ago when we shot this recipe. Isac had pneumonia, Elsa and Gabriel had been snoring with colds and we had been all cozied up (or more like caught) in our Stockholm apartment – pale, tired and gloomy, surrounded by cold winter. The only thing we craved then were simple and comforting pasta dishes like this. Vegetarian bolognese is perhaps not one of our most distinctive recipe ideas but it is January meals at its ideal, so we imagined it may possibly be one thing you&#8217d also be interested in making.


We often make a little ones pasta sauce that is made up of tomatoes, grated carrot, grated zucchini and red lentils. As it simmers, the lentils dissolve into the tomato sauce and it all becomes fairly sweet and smoothly textured. It&#8217s a simple way to sneak additional nutrients in a meal that our kids often are happy to eat.

This is a somewhat more adult method on that dish. The sauce has much more texture and chunks and a deeper flavour from herbs and red wine. We use black lentils as they keep intact in the sauce. The lentils perform as replacement for the meat in the classic bolognese ragu – they both add protein and have a wonderful and soft, chewy consistency. We combine chopped and grated carrots to get a mix of textures.

You can of program include more veggies if you favor. We kept it easy and utilised what we had at house because of sick youngsters and cold climate, but also because it is what Italians do. &#8220Pochi ingredienti, tanto tempo&#8221 (number of substances, extended cooking time) is an Italian expression … that I just invented, but I&#8217m rather certain Pavarotti would agree. Easy cooking with great ingredients is crucial in the Italian kitchen. However, if you have some mushrooms or an eggplant/aubergine at house, either of them would perform excellent in this recipe as nicely as they add meaty texture to the dish and make it even a lot more vegetable packed. Take pleasure in!

That&#8217s it, site publish amount two of the year. And no infants were neglected this time. I even managed to mention Pavarotti three times, speak about grape wars and make up my own Italian food expression. If that doesn&#8217t qualify me as a total-blooded Italian, I don&#8217t know what does. You can get in touch with me Davide from now on. 


Vegetarian Bolognese
Serves four-six

2-three tbsp olive oil
1 big onion, peeled and coarsely chopped
3 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
2 huge carrots, peeled
2 sticks celery, rinsed

four tbsp green olives, stones removed and slightly bruised
1 tbsp fresh basil (or one tsp dried)
1 tbsp fresh oregano, rosemary or marjoram (or 1 tsp dried)
125 ml / ½ cup red wine
one hundred g / ½ cup uncooked beluga lentils (or puy), rinsed
400 ml / one ½ cup vegetable stock (or water)
two bay leaves
two x 400 g / 14 oz tins crushed tomatoes
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

To serve
pasta of decision (we utilized a lentil flour spaghetti)
vegetarian parmesan type cheese
fresh parsley
olive oil

Heat the oil in a huge saucepan on medium heat. Add onion and garlic and sauté for a few minutes. Meanwhile, chop one particular of the carrots and the celery into one cm / one/2 inch chunks and include them to the pan along with olives and dried herbs (if using). Let soften for a couple of minutes, add the red wine and let cook until the alcohol evaporates. Include lentils, half of the vegetable stock, bay leaves, tinned tomatoes, fresh herbs (if employing), salt and pepper. Grate the remaining carrot and add it as well. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and allow simmer for 30 minutes or until the lentils are cooked, stirring from time to time as not to burn up the base of the sauce. Include the remaining stock or water, minor by small, to loosen the sauce every time it is looking dry. Taste and alter spices to your preference.

Cook your pasta of option. Serve the sauce stirred by means of the pasta, topped with a sprinkling of grated cheese, fresh parsley or other herbs and a drizzle of oil.


PS. We actually prepared one much more weblog post before we left and we will consider to share it quickly,  along with some photos and tips from Cape Town. Meanwhile you can see some snapshots from out trip on instagram.

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