Best Way to do Pushups (FOR A BIGGER CHEST!)

Best Way to do Pushups (FOR A BIGGER CHEST!)

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The pushup is definitely one of the best (and only) options for building a big chest when training at home. That said, most of us don’t do this bodyweight exercise as effectively as we can be, which is costing us a chance to build the biggest chest or pecs that we can. In this video, I show you the best way to do pushups for a bigger chest by making just one small but important change to the way you do them.

To begin, it is important to understand what the function of the chest muscles are in the first place. We are all familiar with their ability to push our arms away from our body as in a bench press. That said, given the orientation of the fibers of the chest, it is actually more important for the pecs to pull your arm across your chest into what is called horizontal adduction.

This motion occurs most visibly in exercises like cable crossovers and even dumbbell flyes. That said, especially for athletes, flyes present a risk/reward ratio that isn’t necessarily optimal or even necessary if performed with the arms too far out in an attempt to maximize chest stretch. Even Arnold himself tore his pecs twice during the pec fly while chasing that elusive extra stretch he felt the exercise was providing him.

That said, the portion of the horizontal adduction that we should be chasing the most is the end contraction. This comes when are hands are positioned in front of our chests and at or crossing over midline if possible. Now when it comes to pushups, you can immediately see that because our hands are fixed into the ground that it is impossible to actually move them closer together as we complete each rep. That doesn’t mean that we can’t simulate the movement however to engage the chest in a much stronger contraction.

As I show you here, you want to be sure that when you come up to the top of each push up, you attempt to pull the hands closer to each other (though they won’t move since they are pressed into the ground) and then turn your forearms away from you. This second part can be accomplished by trying to envision your biceps turning towards the front as you come up. Both of these moves act to fire up the pec muscles even more and get a much stronger contraction on each pushup than you would otherwise get.

Simply counting reps when doing push ups is not what is important if you are trying to build muscle at home with this chest exercise. You want to focus on increasing the number of quality reps you perform. The quality means everything. Get a stronger contraction on your pecs and you will be rewarded with better development and chest growth when working out at home (or wherever you decide to incorporate these tips).

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  1. How to I remove my biceps stretch marks?

  2. Can push ups give me a big chest even though I only weigh 136lbs? I do 5 sets of 50 a day

  3. Hi everyone. I would appreciate if u could help me here. My chest is not growing as i think it should be. i train my chest twice a week, but i reallized that the people i know with the biggest chests are the ones who train at home doing pushups and dips. Is there any chance that dips and pushups develop your chest more than dumbel and barbel presses?

  4. Fanox says:

    You can also do "ring flys"

  5. I have good muscle but strict form standard pushups are a bitch, i do 5×20 with 1 min rest n im wiped out, why?

  6. is this jeff cavalier from Athlean X dot com?

  7. Jeffs face looks like he's seen some fucked yo shit

  8. KA YI says:

    Do we need to squeeze the shoulder blades during push up? Thanks.

  9. Do push up challenges ror a good chest growth.
    Or do push ups with the medicine with also a plate behind your back

  10. Shawn Bray says:

    my entire life I have never been able to do one real pushup but I started doing many lady pushups each day with perfect form and then could do one and then have been doing many puchups perfect form. I have completely changed and became a new man

  11. JAB says:

    The videos and explanations are great. I've always focused on keeping my elbows tight to my torso. Is that a good thing? I am looking to better define my chest.

  12. Hi Jeff. Do you recommend using push up bars? And do you have a different approach on using them or we can use them like doing usual push ups. Hoping for your help and guidance. Thank you.

  13. It works!! Thanks man.

  14. Whats with the 500+ fools giving this a thumbs down?

  15. help T_T my right elbow and shoulder hurts 🙁 Should I stop pushups for 2-3 weeks ? I feel like my joints can't support the weight yet.

  16. Jay Whelan says:

    I'm 15 and love bodybuilding, just started training seriously and have finally completed sixty push-ups straight, next goal 100!

  17. Is it just me, but he doesn't seem to have a very large chest, It looks a bit skinny.

  18. Jack Hill says:

    every time i struggle with certain exercises or don't get that mind muscle connection, the only guy who helps me feel it and corrects me is this guy, he has some golden tips and advice

  19. yea to me looking so shredded like he does is way more impressive than somebody who has bigger muscles but u can barely see it cuz it's covered under a layer of fat

  20. Ravyen2 says:

    I watched so much Videos on youtube about Training, but Jeff is such a motivating personality. Honest advices and he gives advices for the things i had difficultis to figure out how do i get there, answers the questions i was searching for in the most time of my homeworkout, even if you have no equipment, nor money to afford one of his programms on his Page, his youtube Videos help you, to figure out how to improve your Workout. Thumbs up for that, thank you Jeff.

  21. azzole says:

    im watching this at 11 pm why

  22. Aamir H says:

    video starts after 3.00

  23. when i go to the gym and do pushups the stupid noobs tell me there are no gains in pushups that im wasting my time in them …they never do pushups

  24. You the best trainer of all mush respect

  25. JEFF, you are THE MAN!! Thank you.

  26. Jay Fisher says:

    Why do people dislike these vids? There's nothing to fuckin' dislike!

  27. Floor fuckers is the way i go

  28. I could immediately feel the difference in which my chest is pumped by this variation. Amazing! Thanks Jeff. And I went from 231 pounds to 163 pounds just following your body weight training, dumbell workouts, of course clean eating. Thanks coach. I'm grateful.

  29. Still don't look like Jeff yet. Time to get at it.

  30. Pushups are my go-to workout exercise. I'll definitely be altering my technique now, thanks once again Jeff!

  31. Ty Whelly says:

    really enjoyed the tweak in push ups I was doing about 2250 a week Sunday 500 Tuesday 750 Thursday 1000

  32. Hello Jeff,
    I had a surgery done on my right knee 5 weeks ago and I am recovering very well. I was wondering if you could give some advice on how to train legs at home without any training machine. I am a retired fencer, an active cyclist and a passionate cross contry skier. My goal would be to get back on cross country skiing tracks next winter. Thanks!

  33. Jeff, you f***'n rule bro.

  34. What are some best ways to use your own body weight against you to work out your chest core upper n lower abs workout

  35. Hey jeff, you obviously can make your body look however you want. why don't you get bigger? is your body already at a balance that you think is ideal?

  36. if I do 4 set of 15 push ups with a weight, and done by one day gap, how much time to take gain chest.?

  37. Ron Y says:

    thanks bro this helps me so much

  38. does it matter If the elbows flare out as you go down on a pushup…???

  39. Alienation says:

    great advice thank you

  40. Man thxs Athlean X!!! I always kinda did them wide griped….now I'm feeling it in the chest

  41. somali boy says:

    bro your right shoulder is little bit top than usual and upper than the left one :/

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