9 Essential Oil Purity Myths – DEBUNKED!

9 Essential Oil Purity Myths – DEBUNKED!

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Some of the most popular essential oil purity myths DEBUNKED! So you can navigate the marketplace with real knowledge!

Crucial oils are all the rage proper now.

But with all of the details out there, it really is hard to know what to believe.

One of the most pressing queries out there is, how do you know if you are actually purchasing pure essential oils, and not some bottle of &#8220who is aware of what&#8221 diluted or adulterated with some thing else?

I feel you know what I suggest.

It appears that absolutely everyone and his brother (or sister) is using crucial oils&#8211and even a lot more complicated is that rather considerably every single day there is a new essential oils organization in the marketplace.  And each of these organizations is telling you that they are THE Greatest!  THE PUREST!  The ONLY good quality oil out here.

It really is gotten very significantly out of hand.  In fact, it is a veritable essential oils jungle out there.

In situation you haven’t observed, essential oils claims of purity and efficacy are everywhere.

Several of them, nevertheless are just not real.

There are crucial oil purity myths&#8211many of them. Folks and organizations are telling you how you can know if what you have is Truly a pure important oil.

Nicely, a great deal of them are false.

It is confusing adequate striving to figure out how to use important oils and of course you need to maintain in mind important oils safety troubles like do important oils expire and regardless of whether or not crucial oils are a scam, but one point is for certain.  If you are going to use crucial oils, you want them to be pure.  No thanks to toxic synthetics and low cost fillers in my oils.

So nowadays we’re going to bust the important oils purity myths.  I hope this aids set the record straight.

Essential Oil Purity Claims

Right here are some factors that firms declare about the purity of their important oils&#8230..

&#8220Our oils are therapeutic grade.&#8221

&#8220We have the ONLY pure oils anyplace.&#8221

&#8220We looked at all of the essential oils on the market and identified that there weren’t any top quality oils Anyplace so we made the decision to commence our very own organization.&#8221

&#8220Our oils are clinical grade.&#8221

&#8220We have only pure grade essential oils.&#8221

&#8220We have oils that are XYZPDQ licensed (you know what I mean).&#8221

&#8220There are NO other pure retail oils on the market.&#8221

and on and on it goes.

Frankly, I’m beyond sick of this.

And beyond that, there are representatives from vital oils organizations sharing a lot more faulty info about how you can test an oil to see if it is pure.

So now you can be your very own little EO specialist at residence.


I am right here to inform you the truth so hopefully you can type by means of all of the nonsense in the crucial oil marketplace and make a really educated choice about what vital oils to buy&#8211and what vital oils to leave on the shelf.

There are so many essential oil purity myths out there it's hard to know what to believe! Learn the truth so you can navigate the marketplace with real knowledge!

There are so many essential oil purity myths out there it's hard to know what to believe! Learn the truth so you can navigate the marketplace with real knowledge!
Some of the most popular essential oil purity myths DEBUNKED! So you can navigate the marketplace with real knowledge!

Important Oil Purity Myths

Pretty significantly each day I see some declare about vital oils that infuriates me.

I get them in my inbox, in the comments section of my weblog, or I see them on-line&#8211either on a website or on Facebook.

There are organizations producing claims and representatives from essential oils firms making claims about how their oils are the greatest.  The purest ones.

On and on and on it goes.   Readers frequently write and ask me, &#8220What do you feel about this company?  They say they are pure!&#8221 and &#8220Where does XYZ company measure up?&#8221

I get it.  It’s completely confusing.  My head begins spinning also when I see all of these businesses popping up with essential oils claiming to be pure and the ideal.

Frequent sense says that they can’t all be the purest and the very best.

A person has to be selling bad stuff out there, correct?

Yes, it is true.

There are shenanigans going on in the essential oil market and it truly is time to set the record straight.

Let us 1st speak about why some of these claims are wrong and then later I will share what you actually want to search for if you want to buy only pure crucial oils.


The ingredient checklist need to have one particular item, and one particular item only: 100% pure oil.  Well, initial of all, if we’re speaking about single oils, that can be true, but an oil blend will have a number of oils in there.  I know that’s not the point that this organization was producing, but it is true.

Also, some organizations promote essential oils that are diluted with carrier oils.  Doing such does not imply that you are getting an adulterated oil as prolonged as that dilution is disclosed on the label.

In addition to, so numerous organizations record only one ingredient on the label and that does not suggest that they are offering only pure oils.  They place in synthetic fillers or other adulterants and of program they aren’t going to listing those on their label.

Can you envision a label for a Lavender Important Oil that claims to be quality that says: &#8220Lavender Vital Oil and Synthetic Lavender added&#8221 on the label?  Well, if you see that&#8211don’t buy it :).

A firm can publish whatever they want on a label.  That isn’t going to make the oil inside pure.

Certified Organic = PURE

If the vital oils are certified natural, are they necessarily pure?


It is not even crucial that you purchase natural important oils to avoid pesticides. I will go into this at a more at a future date, but you do not have to get Certified Organic Crucial Oils in purchase to have pure essential oils.  It’s just not real.

There are some rewards to acquiring organic vital oils in some circumstances, but purity is not always one particular of them.  There are companies that have examined natural crucial oils and discovered them not to be pure.  And I have verification of that in my inbox.


This is a good level in a single sense.

You do not want to acquire important oils from GMO plants.  That getting mentioned, when is the last time that you heard of GMO Melaleuca :)?

Fundamentally there aren’t actually any GMO plants that are produced into essential oils, so no worries right here.

And just simply because an important oil is marked as getting GMO-free does not indicate at all that it is for sure a pure crucial oil.


There is no market-broad certification of essential oils.

So when a organization states that they are therapeutic grade, or clinical grade, or what ever certification acronym they make a decision to place on their important oils bottle, that certification is just that.  Their very own designation. Absolutely nothing more and nothing at all much less.

I could just as easily set up an crucial oils firm and put some purity designation together like &#8220CBPEO&#8221 for &#8220Certified Best Pure Important Oil&#8221 and start offering my stuff.

But unless I have some sound science behind that name it indicates nothing at all.

Unless a organization has something to back up important oils claims of purity, these claims are not automatically real.


One thing else that is all over the internet is that you can easily test your vital oils at house by placing a drop of the oil on a plain piece of white paper, letting the important oil sit for many hrs and observing.  The story goes that if it disappears gradually and doesn’t leave a ring, then the oil is likely pure.


Very first of all, some oils are heavier and will leave residue.  Furthermore, adulteration isn’t usually carried out by including carrier oils any longer &#8212 these firms are receiving smart.  They are incorporating factors that would not be picked up by such a easy check.

So conserve your paper.


An additional crucial oil purity myth that is currently being tossed around is that pure important oils will not freeze.  So simply location your vital oils in the freezer and if they freeze? Effectively, you have impure oils.

Once more, not correct.

Yes, some oils will not freeze in a standard household freezer, but all liquids will freeze at some temperature.  There are some oils that will freeze in a home freezer, some will freeze in the fridge, and some are solid even at area temperature.  The issue is the elements of the important oils which will crystalize at diverse temperatures dependent on the amount of that element in the essential oil.

Right here is an explanation of the freezing of peppermint oil by Robert Pappas:

The menthol in peppermint can range from 30-50%. Mint oil that has menthol content in the upper 40s (getting close to 50%) can crystalize in a family freezer, although cheap 33% menthol Indian peppermint, like the one that the Multi level marketing reps are saying is the great peppermint, cannot crystalize because its so inferior in its menthol articles that it would get a much lower temperature to solidify.



This check encompasses several of the so-referred to as crucial oil purity exams that I have observed out there.

Tests like:

Does your vital oil smell rancid?  It need to be laced with a carrier oil.

Does your essential oil smell like alcohol? It truly is probably been adulterated with alcohol.

Do the oils smell distinct than other oils of the very same kind that you have utilized? It need to be fake.

Received a headache (or other reaction) from your vital oil?  It should have harmful toxins in there!

If you smell an oil and it does not smell like other important oils that you have used ahead of, or if it smells &#8220off&#8221 to you, or offers you a headache, does that suggest that the oil isn’t pure?


First of all, oil smells ought to vary by batch. The aroma of an essential oil ought to fluctuate somewhat dependent on the time of yr, water, soil, and so forth. In truth, consistent smell could be an indication of impure crucial oils as some companies include substances to their crucial oils to make the scent consistent across batches.

Furthermore, a bodily response to, or distaste for, a distinct crucial oil could be the outcome of a bodily difficulty, allergy, or some other issue, and could have nothing at all to do with a purity concern.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your nose is not critical.  It is.

In fact, in my subsequent submit on How to Get Pure Vital Oils, I will speak about the function that smell does perform in identifying vital oil purity.

But just be aware &#8212 your nose doesn’t constantly know :).


You  know the feeling. Greasy hands.

You have some oil on your hands and you just have.to.wash.it.off.

If your vital oils are pure, the saying goes, you will not have that feeling on your fingers or skin.

Effectively, for the most portion this is true.  However, there are some oils that are exceptions to this. People exceptions are hefty and richly colored oils like sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli and German Chamomile.  So this is partially correct, but not constantly.


This &#8220myth&#8221 states that correct important oils will not dissolve in water.  This argument states that when businesses adulterate oils they include emulsifiers and surfactants to stretch out the oils.

Well, newsflash&#8211neither do vegetable or other carrier oils that may possibly be extra to an important oil to lengthen its volume.  That currently being said, most adulteration isn’t done with carrier oils any longer.  The alteration is more sophisticated now. These adulterated oils will not dissolve either.

Conserve your essential oils and will not place them in water to check them.


So there.

Tons of myths about crucial oil purity that are just not correct.

Stick around to locate out the reality about how to really know if you have pure essential oils.

And if you’d like to know the company that I trust to supply my family members with quality important oils (and no hype) you can go here to go through about my search for the &#8220best&#8221 essential oils.  Or you can skip to the end here.

To make confident that you never miss the upcoming updates (I have acquired a few truly interesting posts in the works), and to get entry to oh so many other very good issues, the following might strike your fancy:

Free Essential Oils Report and Newsletter Accessibility

Also, if you go and grab my Cost-free Report on 10 Issues to Know About Essential Oils Just before You Buy, you will not only get more myth-busting crucial oils details, but you’ll get access to my VIP newsletter as nicely&#8211complete with updates, great healthy living gives, of course new posts on vital oils, and much more.Wondering about essential oils? I sure was. Get this guide to buying the best essential oils from a mom blogger who dug deep into the industry to find out what's really going on. Fascinating information including some real debunking that saved me a ton of time and money.

I hope this is a help to all of you as you wade by way of the myths in the marketplace.

Perhaps I must get in touch with this series Vital Oils Truth-finders. No lies permitted :).

I would adore to hear your thoughts!

Oh, and please do share this with others.  Enough of the lies.

Let’s get the truth out there!

What do you consider?
Did you think any of these myths just before reading through this submit?

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