50 Reps of Heavy Kettlebell Swings a Day ?

50 Reps of Heavy Kettlebell Swings a Day ?

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50 rep heavy swings per day. Should you or should you not ?

There are many variations of high rep #kettlebellswing programs or challenges.
Tim Ferriss recommended 75 swings each workout.
Dan John has 10,000 swings in a month and variations of that.

Most consider the kettlebell for conditioning only. With this 48kg x 50 swings PER DAY idea, Im testing the strength and Hypertrophy part of the equation.

So, listen to your body and see how you fare. Joe

THE COMPETITION KETTLEBELLS I recommend are Paradigm Pro Elite by Kettlebells USA .
You can get them at this link as they are my favorite competition kettlebells


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  1. NeoMaxim says:

    interesting. I don't have a 48 kg, will 2x 24 kg suffice?

  2. Sometimes when I do KB swings and I work up to 20 reps, I get dizzy. Am I moving too fast? My KB is 25 lbs, and I started about two weeks ago.

  3. Did you get your cabs in your forms that big doing kettle bells?

  4. Josh Gurk says:

    First time I've watched one of your videos and I'm now subscribed.

  5. What kind of heart rate tracker do you use?

  6. Bogus says:

    Started working out with a kettlebell today, I'm 21 and I've never worked out so I'm in poor shape and I want to change that.
    I'm only using a 10 kg weight to start out and my legs are like wet noodles after the squats.

  7. I've just started training with kettle bells, i joined a gym and started doing strong lifts 5×5 but i can never get on the squat racks consistently because the Personal trainers are always using them with soccer moms. The gym has lots of kettle bells i think up to 30 maybe and no one ever uses them so I'm going to focus on them. Im not looking to build insane muscle but loose a bit of fat, gain strength and conditioning and improve mobility to make day to day life easier. Ill be watching all your videos man looking forward to it.

  8. Holy shit dood, meaty calves and firearms. Awesome man. That's strength right there bro.

  9. great video. finally someone with logic about kettlebells

  10. Thank you Joe! Stumbled on your youtube vids and love them. Have put my back out three times this year trying to kettlebell swing and watched your vid on doing it correctly, looking forward to a pain free back so I can get back to it the right way 🙂

  11. Luke Isaac says:

    You will never be able to get as big or as strong just using kettlebells, as you can with barbell exercises. That said I don't think kettlebell training is bad, just not as effective.

  12. good idea but you are far from original

  13. good idea but you are far from original

  14. My wife and I used Babybells by Lauren Brooks 6 years ago.  I had 45lb'ers and she used 15lb's.  It took 5 days to complete a workout designed for pregnant women.  The wife tells me on the second day, that maybe I should go buy lighter bells.  I assured her I knew my body and it would adapt.  It did.  In just 5 workouts.  Same as yours adapted to the new " old " swings.  Great topic and share.  Thanks.

  15. Bortniky says:

    Just subscribed after seeing this video, great talk ! I wonder what you think of adding a 50 swing daily workout on REST days from a weightlifting routine.

  16. I stumbled across this video and I was intrigued so I went in my basement and tried swinging my 16k and stopped at 25 reps or so. My question is what would you say your RPE is at the end. I wasn't out of breath like you were but I wasn't sure if I should be. I think I can cautious of overdoing it because I don't want to get injured!

  17. Currently doing the 10,000 swing challenge. I'll have to try this afterwards.

  18. I am going to be 67 this year. I learned to use KBs about 10 years ago and use them several times a week. I teach KBs to elite athletes in their 20s and 30s and they can't believe the benefits of the work of KBs. I keep stressing that KBs are a total body workout. I never have my students do anything I can't do. I recently challenged them to do 3000 swings in 30 days. I did it with a 45 lb weight and we will see who steps to the challenge. None of them want to let this old guy whip their butts. We will see.

  19. Great vids man! I actually got into kettle bells because of injury. Great way to increase strength without using a lot of weight.

  20. Since the first of the year I've been doing 300 swings per day in 8 » 7 » 6 » 5 sets w/ a #12kg (25 lb.) KB. This week I upgraded to a #16kg (35 lb.) and am back to 8 sets (still 300 swings) reducing sets by 1 each week. In a month or so, I'll prob stay on 300/5 sets w/ a #16kg for a while before jumping up to a #20kg. My back is way, way stronger (and feels better) and my grip strength is noticeably better. Backside, glutes, etc… feel stronger. Slight shoulder soreness w/ the switch to the #16kg. Cheers!

  21. Will Art says:

    Thank you for this man

  22. currently doing 3-4 sets of 25 each with 24kg kb – feels amazing on the coreand before that double kb squats with 16kgs – 10 reps 2-3 sets I find them really hardHow do you usually progress this?Add more reps or increase weight?Goals are to burn fat, maintain muscle mass and conditioning I am a Personal Trainer and testing KB workouts for years now to implement with my clients and use less barbells/dumbbellsGood channel as well keep it up

  23. what kind of heart monitor is that?

  24. IAM DAIVYD says:

    is this good for the core getting stomach down? i hate barbells love kettlebells all i want to use can i build size?

  25. ZailChan says:

    hey man sorry if its been asked before but what other training/conditioning were you doing alongside this 50 swings a day? and do you not think that played a factor in your increased body composition and hr reduction?
    appreciate your videos Joe 🙂

  26. Are you still doing it? If so, can we get your update?

  27. JULIE HOCK says:

    Kettlebells are my main form of training. Swings, Rack and Squat, goblets, High PUll etc. I am 74 years old and diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year, which is now being helped by Cortisone etc. I'm feeling fantastic and back with the trainer aiming to get back to my original working weight of a 12kg bell which will then be an into into the heavier bells. .Also Regular and Sumo deadlifts with a 16 bell.. I do 110 x 10kg swings in one go, then onto squats etc. and do a workout with the bells aiming at building up the reps. I own two bells, 10kg and 16kg and actually enjoy the power swinging those bells gives me. Good for bone density and endurance, as well a core strength. Thanks for the video.

  28. Pure kettlebell love, homie gets emotional lol. Enjoyed the video still.

  29. Dino P says:

    That's crazy heavy, it will take me a while to get there. I am swinging 20kg right now 3X10 sets but I will definitely try what you are doing. Thanx for sharing.

  30. Hi, would that be like a complete workout of the day? I have a 50lbs kb although so far i can only do like 20 consecutive swings.

  31. I can only do reps of 15 a time. I try an focus a lot on form rather then anything else. My butt was on fire my legs were on fire and also a little bit of my back. Is that normal for your back to be a little sore? I focused a lot on keeping it straight. Just would like to know if that's normal due to the slight bend and squat you do during the swings

  32. Lori V says:

    Great video! I'm so glad I stumbled across your YouTube channel!! I've got a 36kg KB, I'll have to work up to 50 consecutive swings though!

  33. I'm a hard gainer and used to be strictly a barbell/dumbell kind of guy.
    Out of necessity I got a pair of 24kg kettlebells. I gained more mass with those kettlebells and bodyweight exercises than I ever had before.

  34. "All science starts somewhere…" Great point!

  35. I'm 45 and Kettlebells have made me fitter than I was twenty years ago.

  36. I am humbled. I can only get to about 35-40 with a 24 kilo bell before dropping it. My grip is weak! However, I am new to kettle bell training and my results have been improving over time. I have a 32 kilo bell, and my goal is to build up to being able to do sets of 25 reps with the 32 kilo. First I am working my way to doing 50 reps with my current weight.

  37. I can see my back muscles get bigger.. I "just" use 2 x 16 kilo's Kettlebells.. 100 swing a day..

  38. TREX3151 says:

    Pissed off the Fed-ex guy with my 100lb kettlebell delivery today. Not near 50 reps but I did do 3 sets of 10. The weight transfer took a little getting use too.

  39. Where I live, its difficult to find kttlebell sizes above 16kg. I decided to get some made for myself. Was shooting for 24kgs, but miscalculated the volume and ended up with a 40kg bell. been swinging them for a few years now, on and off. Nevr injured myself. I never did get regular with heavy swings because I was worried about overtraining and injuries. Time to change that mind set. Thanks for the video. Would you mind doing a form check for me with the 40 kg, if I sent you a video? Would be much appreciated.

  40. Just did a video on kettlebells for arm development. They're actually great to build mass

  41. I have been working with a 60 pound KB for two years now. I can swing, DL to high pull, and goblet squat easily (sets of 10 often tri-setting those movements). I want to move up to a 90 pounder (thinking sets of 5 of those movements I mentioned).
    Thoughts and/or suggestions?….

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