4 Easy Ways To Use The Dregs Of A Jar Of Nut Butter

4 Easy Ways To Use The Dregs Of A Jar Of Nut Butter

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The nut butter lovers amongst you will be acquainted with that heart-breaking moment when you come to the finish of a jar of nut butter. This is specially irritating in the situation of all normal nut butters, in which, due to the normal oil separation, you are often left with a lump of dried-out-nut-butter paste at the bottom of your jar.

Hey, these normal nut butters aren’t cheap. When I’m splashing out on a kilo of Meridian Coconut and Almond Butter (if you have not tried this currently then undoubtedly do!), I want to make the most of every gram.

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Aside from just attacking the jar with a spoon until finally you have eaten every single final drop of that scrumptious salty spread (a crime I am most undoubtedly guilty of), there are a variety of approaches that you can use these tactics to make the most out of your jar of nut butter.

1. Revive that dried out nut butter

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The purpose for the develop up of difficult and dried up nut butter at the bottom of the jar when you get a normal brand is due to the natural oil separation that takes place as they never have the artificial stabilisers that are in regular peanut butter. An easy way to correct this and carry on to get pleasure from your spread is to simply exchange the oils that it has lost.

You can use the corresponding oil (peanut/almond etc), but these are often expensive and not one thing most of us have to hand. What I do is melt some coconut oil and stir it by way of! If you don’t like coconut, and aren’t vegan, then normal butter would work too.

two. Overnight Oats

Making overnight oats

My favourite way to use the final of my peanut butter is to make overnight oats in the virtually-empty jar. I throw in some oats, almond milk, mashed banana, and cinnamon and depart in the fridge overnight. When I wake up, all it requires is a quick stir to guarantee the peanut butter has all entirely incorporated and I have got a wholesome breakfast ready to go. If you want to, you can also add added toppings like sliced fruit, fresh berries, or chopped nuts in the morning. Check right here for some other excellent overnight oat possibilities.

3. Scorching Chocolate

Half Cake Batter/Half Cookie Dough Milkshake

Heat some milk in the microwave and include to your empty jar along with some hot chocolate powder. Then just put the lid on and shake for a scorching and comforting cocoa with a nutty twist.

four. Peanut Sauce

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The uses for your nearly empty jar aren’t restricted to sweet recipes. When you’ve nevertheless received a tablespoon or so of peanut butter left, add sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, a splash of lemon juice and some honey for sweetness then thin with the wanted quantity of scorching water. Put on the lid and shake it up and you have got an instantaneous sauce to coat your noodles or dress an asian salad.

Now you can squeeze one particular a lot more nutty treat out of that practically empty jar ahead of saying a fond farewell.

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Dr. Louis Muraoka
Dr. Louis Muraoka
Registered dietitian, author, lecturer, and diabetes educator, specializes in diabetes nutrition. He has advised the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association on nutrition recommendations.

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