30 Min. INSANE HIIT Strength & Skip - Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout | Snatched for the Summer #21

30 Min. INSANE HIIT Strength & Skip – Fat Burning Jump Rope Workout | Snatched for the Summer #21

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  1. ravonne says:

    I finished this too! Even if I do your workouts as suppliments, I love thus monthly challenges. It makes me feel I accomplished something every time, the last one is done. This was extremly good too, I really loved the variety that it gave.
    Oh, and some good news: from New Years Eve, I funally watch my food, and I managed ti loose 4.5 kg-s (10 ibs)! And I'm still on the game. Your videos have a greate role in my motivarion, thank you for the hard work!

  2. Not the summer but ?

  3. Great workout!!! Sweating a bucket now afterwards!

  4. Dude I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up with your hectic workout routine but man! I just finished this series and can proudly say it killed me! Don't know when I'll be hitting that 1k calorie workout but damn, I am keen as hell! Keep the workouts coming WOO!

  5. I made it!!!!!! Yessssss! ????

  6. I've been away so I've not worked out in over a week, so I felt this one! Full of sweat but loving it. Thanx ?

  7. Tippy W says:

    ?? great workout

  8. Somachi O says:

    damn your channel is growing fast, congrats ?????❤❤❤

  9. Good way to finish off the series. Liked the different jump rope options to help mix it up and a challenge each time.

  10. Ray Natal says:


  11. Tara B says:

    You never disappoint!

  12. Lisa Platt says:

    Awesome work, I paid for my two days off and naughty eating ?? thanks Milhoy this series has been awesome, you are amazing! Please keep going, your workouts keep me focused and btw… I kept up with you on that last move those bloody tuck jumps ??????????????????????

  13. Mill, I'll do a jump for joy for you to thank you for all your motivation and hard work! Congratulations to 100.000 subscribers???

  14. i love your workouts! i do them every other morning. you are a MONSTER! How do you managed to talk the whole time? i can barely Catch My Breath

  15. congratulations for 100k …you the man ….i like your videos

  16. Jasna says:

    omg mill i died hahaha i am so sore omgggggg

  17. great workout thank u mills boom

  18. I just subscribed to your channel & I am LOVING all your fun moves! Thanks!!

  19. Jasna says:


  20. Yay!! Series complete! I definitely sticking with your challenges! So much variety, no time to get bored!

  21. Awesome! Got some ideas for my channel 😀

  22. Kelly Yang says:

    Congrats on 100,000 subbies!! I've been watching your channel grow and you never fail to give me a good sweat when I'm feeling sluggish 🙂

  23. Gaming Ftw says:

    what series would you recommend to someone that really wants to get in shape plz reply thx

  24. is snatched for the summer really over!!! Im depressed lol 🙁 This was a really great workout and I want to see more like this

  25. I didn't know where to write about this so, everyone is welcome to help me. I started with a clean diet (atleast i think so) and millionarie hoy's 30 day full body burnout challenge. In a week I lost 3 pounds, which to me isn't really that much but still alot. But then it all went straight down the hill. One day before cheat day I felt like i can already cheat even doe it wasn't yet cheat day ! But after my actualy cheat day passed I just couldn't stop eating EVERY SINGLE THING I saw infront of me. Now I have gained all of my weight back and actually even a little bit more and I feel like crap, like I am a crap and I just don't know how to start again and even if I start how is it even possible to keep the weight off. I want to change, I want to feel great in my body, because now I'm just stuck in my bedroom 24/7 on computer or playing with guinea pigs, and even started feeling like a pig. So if anyone can help me I would really really appreciate it sooo much and have a nice day .

  26. Congrats Millionaire, you deserve the 100,000 subs, it's only the beginning though, now it's time to grind double the amount you initially did.

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