30 Min Fat Burning HIIT Jump Rope Workout

30 Min Fat Burning HIIT Jump Rope Workout

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30 Min Fat Burning HIIT Jump Rope Workout



-30 seconds – jump rope – regular bounce
-30 seconds – jump rope – fast skip
-30 seconds – jump rope – feet x’s
-30 seconds – jump rope – double unders
-30 seconds – jump rope – regular bounce
-30 seconds – jump rope – fast skip
-30 seconds – jump rope – feet x’s
-30 seconds – jump rope – double unders

Complete circuit 5x, resting 1 min between circuits

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An enjoyable exercise program is best because it will make it easier to stick with working-out consistently. By structuring your exercise regimen to fit your life and interests, you are more likely to enjoy it and stick with it. Continue reading for some tips that will assist you in starting your own program.

Crank up the volume and play some tunes during your workout. Music can be a great way to distract you from the fact that you are getting tired. You will get more effective workouts this way. Use your computer to put together creative playlists that feature your favorite energetic songs to keep yourself motivated. Once you hear the rhythm and the beat, you will just start moving to the music naturally. This is a wonderful way to keep a steady pace throughout your workout. Singing along will help the time pass more quickly.

Ask a few friends to join you when you work out; the more the merrier! Having people around you helps make your work out move more quickly. Your companions are going to absorb your attention with their interesting conversation, enabling you to work out for a longer period of time. This is because you’re not now concentrating solely on your body and how tired you are becoming. When time is a constraint, it’s a fantastic way to connect with your friends. When you are having fun with friends, it can be fun to exercise.

Distractions will make the time fly. You could try some of the new workout video games to help with this goal. There are many different types of workout games. Maybe you would enjoy bowling with your virtual friends, or learning new dance moves. Perhaps you would like to box like a heavy-weight champion? No matter what you’re looking for, exercise games will help you get started quickly.

Wearing exercise clothes that are flattering to your body help with motivation. They’re available in a rainbow of colors and styles to suit your style preferences. Be creative when selecting workout clothing so that you will have extra motivation to workout.

Have several different routines that you can rotate through to help you avoid monotony. The one thing that will stop you in your tracks is boredom. By varying your exercise regime, you are more likely to stay engaged and not as likely to skip your workout.

Anytime you achieve a fitness objective, make sure to treat yourself to something special. Knowing you have something planned is motivating. Your reward can be simple. You do not have to get outrageous with your ideas or blow your budget. A reward should motivate you and keep you focused on your goals. Go buy yourself a new dress or that new book for your Kindle.

You don’t have to settle for mundane workouts that don’t excite you. With a good frame of mind and a positive approach, you will have a lot of fun. Use these ideas and get your body into great shape.

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Dr. William W. Tong
Dr. William W. Tong
An authority on food psychology, Wansink is most beneficial known for his work on consumer behavior and for popularizing terms such as "mindless eating" and "health halos." He authored the best-selling book Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (Bantam, 2006). Wansink participated in the first two editions of Best Diets.

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