30 Agility Ladder Drills - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Variations

30 Agility Ladder Drills – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Variations

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30 Agility Ladder Drills to improve your mind-body connection and coordination. These drills are important for everyone from the average person to the elite athlete to help them be able to recruit muscles quickly and efficiently to react more quickly.

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Beginner Agility Ladder Drills:

two foot run
Ladder Taps
Lateral Single Leg Hops
Single Leg Forward Hops
Two -Foot Lateral Run
Fight Shuffle
Lateral In,In, Out, Out
Two-Foot Lateral Hops In and Out

Intermediate Agility Ladder Drills (starts at 2:06)

High Knee Run
Straddle Squat Hops
Quick Hopscotch
Two-Foot Lateral Hop
Ali Shuffle
180 Degree Rotations
Jumping Jack Variations

Advanced Agility Ladder Drills (starts at 3:57)

In, In, Out ,Out
Icky Shuffle
Icky Shuffle variation
Heisman Shuffle
2 In, 2 Out Weaving
Forward, Backward Hops
Cross Behind
Backward Cross in Front
Quarter Turns
Two Forward, One Back
Single, Double Rotations

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  10. These are variations I didn't think of to do with the agility ladder that I made myself.  Great video!!!  (Take brass curtain rods, cut fabric for the rungs, attach it all using glue, rubber bands, and sewing, and add some padding underneath all of the ladder.)

  11. First time when my coach introduced me ladder I hated it!…it seemed so boring….6 months I've been doing it and I love it! It's the best way to warm up and make your workout FUN! Thank you very much for video, it's very helpful 👌👍👍👍💪💪

  12. ths tai says:

    Damn, you're good! No wonder these drills have the most views 594,565 (as of Jun 19, 2017).
    And you say you're not a fighter!

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