17 Bodyweight Back Exercises (WITH NO PULLUP BAR!)

17 Bodyweight Back Exercises (WITH NO PULLUP BAR!)

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1. Scapular Wall Holds (0:40)
2. Scapular Wall Reps (0:50)
3. Cobra (1:04)
4. Superman (1:16)
5. Scapular Pushups (1:32)
6. Downward Dog Scapular Presses (1:45)
7. Lying Flyes (1:57)
8. Reverse Snow Angels ( 2:09)
9. Lying Back Press (2:19)
10. Posterior Plank ( 2:38)
11. Scapular Pushup to Dolphin (2:52)
12. Extension Plank (3:06)
13. Single Arm Plank Rotation With Knee (3:22)
14. Plank With Reach Out and Back (3:36)
15. Alternating ArmPlank Row (3:51)
16. Handstand Shoulder Taps (4:03)
17. Lat Pushdown (4:15)

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  1. your are just genius ,i always find the exercises that i need in your training videos ,
    keep going on ,your the best , you got all my respect ( thanks from algeria )

  2. cynamd says:

    These are fantastic!! Love your videos!!

  3. These look absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to try these out! great for functional strength! Thank you!

  4. Hey, i like your videos. I think that for theese types of videos when you are making focus on the back, it would be great if you use clothes that allow the sight of the back muscles and the scapular movement, because is not so easy for people that has dysfunctionalities on those areas.
    I hope i got my message clear, my english is not so good.

    Thanks a lot for the material!

  5. CROSS says:

    Thanks a lot, catchy music too.

  6. 1Coolnorth says:

    I appreciate the work you're putting out and how it is an extension of the physio that I was doing for back/shoulder strengthening, post shoulder injury! (3,4,5 are part of my physio)

  7. Sammy LPT says:

    Surely scapular pushups are working the serratus anterior? Also, don't the handstand shoulder taps hit the medial/anterior delts isometrically? A straight armed plank will hit the lats, for anyone trying it – with fingers facing forward, imagine you are turning them outwards (without actually moving them), laterally rotating the elbows into the ribs to allow for isometric latissimus contraction.

    Still, nice video 🙂

  8. Soy Zaya says:

    Hello, nice video thanks, Quick question, can this help me build strength to make more reps at pull ups ?

  9. Kruscher76 says:

    Scapular wall holds and reps, does that help with getting better at pull ups?

  10. You have awesome content!

  11. Anna G. says:

    Hi. i have never been overweight until I started taking antidepresants. I simply cannot recognize myself. Can you help, pls?

  12. gtm 243 says:

    how many reps of each

  13. Fu Dan Chu says:

    Making the extension plank and side plank with rotation look easy – but they aren't, good job!

  14. YESSS!  I teach classes and needed some inspo on how to get a room full of people strengthening their backs with minimal equipment.  A bunch of these exercises are going to be perfect – thank youuu!

  15. Excellent series of videos. You are very talented.

  16. brown gurl says:

    A lot of new ones for me! Thanks.

  17. Ev Di says:

    perfect !! especially for personal training!!!

  18. sp0ksonat says:

    Who cares if they look silly, they're the most effective and natural exercises I've ever seen! Your channel is an absolute gem, wish I could train at your gym 🙂

  19. M. Jones says:

    2 questions, what kind of shoes are those and do you have a separate vid on how to do single arrn plank rotation with knee?

  20. Excelente vídeo. La felicito por su trabajo. Muchas veces no hay barra. Excellent video. I enjoy this job. A lot off times there are no bar. One small is missed the tripod.

  21. super ☆☆☆☆☆☆

  22. Imran Khan says:

    how how are you . i have a question that i have an anterior pelvic tilt and my arms are not straight ..can you help plz… respect

  23. great exercises…could add door rows too. dips also hit the back pretty hard!

  24. Hands down these are some of the funniest types of workouts I've ever seen. Regardless of how embarrassing some of these look I really want to try them.

  25. MISSz00m says:

    thats what I need simple video and a huge info..there's no too much of talking blablabla just doing and showing the steps..you are the BEST

  26. Lam Đỗ says:

    thank you so much madam for your innovative exercises!

  27. hand stand shoulder tap, show off

  28. AlphaGamer says:

    u replied every comment that's appreciating and nice video!!

  29. These will work out excellent when I go to prison

  30. Wow this is great! Thanks!

  31. You are amazing. Thank you for posting these!

  32. Hello!
    MY goals for 2017 in health & fitness, is to really strengthen my back & neck muscles.I want to workout 5 days a week. I've started doing the 17 bodyweight back exercise Mon,Wed, & Fri, but for the 2 other days, if you could recommend, (RS) which other parts to exercise for good health of mind & body. Want to be fit.

  33. are these exercises compound movements and will they develop lat muscle , anyway this was a very good video

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