13 year old girl Benches 240lb RAW

13 year old girl Benches 240lb RAW

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MARYANA NAUMOVA, 13 years old, from russia benches 240 pounds RAW at the MHP power pitt at the 2013 Arnold Classic. MARYANA is a huge fan of dana and brought her a hand painted nesting doll!!!!!

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  1. Sadik Meah says:

    Stop hating on this girl. When she gets a bit older i will marry her

  2. power lifting is easier than regular bench 1 regular bench you are not supposed to arch your back at all she gets that because she barely has to go down…. midgets get 500 600 pounds because they barely have to go down

  3. no no says:

    Kinda shit position is that

  4. ZeidGho says:

    Horrible form, would not bench 100 pounds in a correct form, but come on "13 year old girl"! That's impressive

  5. She gonna break her back tf

  6. Luis Garza says:

    What's up with the guy in 3:18 ?

    He looks like he's about the climax.

  7. 0 reps. she's gonna get injured benching like that though. she moved the bar down like 5 inches. like i'll admit it's still pretty damm good, but it's certainly not a legit rep.

  8. On 240 she didnt even touch??

  9. Know wonder she doin 240 she barely gotta go anywhere

  10. just bud says:

    the arch protects the shoulders while having two anchor positions. she had perfect form?.

  11. It's a little impressive but wow that's some shitty form

  12. I unknowingly broke a British bench press record last month and felt like hot shit and she just made me feel ashamed ?

  13. KnockCZ says:

    3 years later with banned substances in her body, cant even do 254 following official rules…

  14. I'd hate to see her dad's form. I'm sure he taught her.

  15. king Smith says:

    the only reason she got that is because of her back form so she don't have to go all the way down

  16. I could bench 500 using that form.

  17. why is she arching her back

  18. hahahahahahaha… i ve laugh a lot, thx… until i realise "damn, this Young girl gonna break Her body if she lifts like this…" and then i felt sad for Her…

  19. H.C. Tv says:

    the way she arched her back she technically didn't bench it all the way freak8ng fake

  20. looks like mcdonald's logo…usea her triceps to push the bar instead of applying the weight on shoulders…

  21. She has some weird ass form

  22. Kev G. says:

    …teaching kids horrible form all over the world!! High five that baby!!!

  23. Cats Life says:

    She coulda a done 275 with that form

  24. Jack Silm says:

    Did anyone see that muscle she hulk at the end of the video Damn, I am getting a kind of jealous.

  25. The lift was oil not loyal as l.u.i would say

  26. You could mate cows under her back

  27. Rik Shaw says:

    credit for not doing it properly!she did better than some guys tho.

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